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You may be referring to the 'stepped' pyramids.

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Q: What type of pyramid with levels?
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Type of pyramid with levels?

a step

Which type of diagram shows the number of trophic levels an ecosystem supports?

A biomass pyramid.

What is a pyramid with levels called?

A step pyramid.

Which type of diagram shows the flow of energy between the different trophic levels of an ecosystem?

Energy pyramid

What happens to the amount of energy in the pyramid as it moves up the levels of the pyramid?

it increases

What type of pyramid is the Giza pyramid?

A pyramid....

What type of structure is the pyramid of Giza?

A pyramid....

Was the great pyramid a type of pyramid?

yes it was

What is a diagram that shows trophic levels on blocks?

The diagram that shows trophic levels on blocks is called a pyramid of energy or ecological pyramid. It visually represents the flow of energy through different trophic levels in an ecosystem, with each block indicating the amount of energy available at each level. Typically, producers (plants) are at the base of the pyramid, followed by herbivores, then primary and secondary carnivores at higher levels.

What kind of diagram shows the flow of energy among different trophic levels?

Energy pyramid Apex^^^^^

A model that shows comparative energy levels for different feeding levels is called?

The model is called an energy pyramid. It illustrates the flow of energy through a food chain, showing how energy decreases as it moves from one trophic level to another.

How many flat surfaces do a pyramid has?

It depends on what type of pyramid. Their is an square pyramid, a rectangular pyramid, a pentagonal pyramid, etc.