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They are a square and a rhombus

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Q: What type of quadrilaterals always have four congruent sides?
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Which of these quadrilaterals has four right angles and four congruent sides?


Are all squares quadrilaterals why or why not?

Yes they are. The definition of a quadrilateral is a closed figure with four sides. A square always has four congruent sides and is a closed figure. Therefore, all squares are quadrilaterals. Trapezoids, rhombuses, and rectangles are also quadrilaterals.

Which type of quadrilateral have four congruent sides?

A square and a rhombus are 4 sided quadrilaterals that have congruent sides

Which quadrilaterals definition states that it has four congruent sides?


Quadrilaterals with four congruent sides?

That's a rhombus.

Name four quadrilaterals with four congruent sides and four congruent angles?

The square is the only quadrilateral that fits those specifications.

Which quadrilaterals have both pairs of opposite sides that are congruent?

A parallelogram if the two pairs are mutually congruent but all four sides are not. A rhombus if all four are.

What always has four sides?

Quadrilaterals are shapes that always have four (4) sides

Two quadrilaterals that have two pairs of parallel sides each In addition all four of the sides are congruent in both shapes?

The two quadrilaterals are squares.

Are every quadrilaterals with four congruent sides a square?

No because a rhombus is a quadrilateral that has four congruent sides but a square is a regular quadrilateral because it has 4 equal sides and 4 equal right angles

What is a quadrilateral with four sides?

A quadrilateral. (Quadrilaterals always have 4 sides.)

A rectangle is a rhombus true or false?

False but they are both 4 sided quadrilaterals