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It is an irregular shape or polygon that doesn't have all sides equal

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Q: What type of shape doesn't have equal sides?
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What is the name or type of shape which has equal sides?

It is usually a regular polygon that has equal sides.

What type of shape has equal angles and sides?


What shape has 4 equal sides?

A rhombus has four equal sides. A square is a type of a rhombus.

What shape has no equal sides and is 9 letters?

It is polygon but this type of shape is a nonagon.

What shape has five equal length sides?

Type your answer here... pentagon

When all sides are congruent they are what type of angle?

All angles will be equal and the type of angle will depend on how many sides the shape has

What is a shape with no equal sides and no parallel sides?

A type of irregular shape, including scalene triangles, and many other shapes. Circles would work too.

What shape has 4 equal sides no right angles?

A rhombus has 4 equal sides. Its angles can be right angles, but don't have to be. A square is a type of rhombus.

Shape with four equal sides?

A square is one type of rhomboid that meets the criteria of four equal sides. If the angles are not all equal there are many diamon shaped figures which meet the criteria.

What is the difference between a Pentagon and regular pentagon?

a pentagon has 5 sides, a regular pentagon has 5 EQUAL sides A Regular Pentagon is a shape that has equal angles and side lengths. It is type of Pentagon. Pentagons do not have to have equal sides and lengths.

What are equivalent triangles?

They are triangles with 3 equal sides and 3 equal interior angles or triangles that are congruent in shape

Type of shape that has equal side?

All regular polygons have equal sides. In addition there are others, such as a rhombus, which also have equal sides but are not regular because their angles are not all the same. There is no generic name for such "squashed" polygons.

What type of shape has equal sides?

An equilateral triangle, a square, a hexagon, a pentagon, a decagon, an octagon, the list goes on and on.

What is an isosciles?

An isosceles is a type of triangle with at least two equal sides. In addition, we also have an isosceles trapezoid shape.

What is a diamond type of shape called in maths?

A quadrilateral with four equal-length sides and opposite angles equal (but not all four) is a rhombus. That's the usual description of a diamond shape.

How many sides does a rhombus have?

A rhombus is a quadrilateral shape, meaning it has four sides. In a rhombus, all sides are equal in length, which makes a square a particular type of rhombus.

What are the features of a parallelogram?

A parallelogram is a special type of parallelogram. This shape has to sides, equal in length, and they are parallel from each other. Opposite angles are also equal.

What type of shape has 8 sides?


What type of shape has exaclty 3 sides?

A triangle has 3 sides

What type of triangle has equal sides?

A triangle with three equal sides is called an equilateral triangle.

Why Is a rectangle a prallelogram?

A parallelogram is a shape with 4 sides whose opposite sides are parallel. A rectangle meets this definition. It is a special type of parallelogram where the angles between sides all equal 90 degress.

Why is a parallelogram sometimes a rhombus?

A parallelogram is a shape which has 2 pairs of parallel sides. In total it has 4 sides and Opposite angles of a parallelogram are equal.When all four sides of the parallelogram are equal, it becomes a rhombus.It is a special type of parallelogram since all 4 sides are equal, but it still has 2 pairs of parallel sides and opposite angles are equal.

Congruent sides have what type of measures?


A quadrilateral that has 4 equal sides?

A square has four equal sides. A parallelogram can also have four equal sides, but not always. (A square is also a type of parallelogram, but not the only one that can have four equal sides.

What is a parallelogram shape with no sides?

By definition, a parallelogram has four sides. There is no other type of parallelogram.