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If it also has a pentagonal face then a pentagonal pyramid. Else it does not exist.

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Q: What type of solid has 5 triangular faces with 10 edges?
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What type of solid has 3 rectangular faces and 9 edges?

If it also has two triangular faces, then a triangular prism. If it has only three rectangualr faces, there is no such shape.

What type of prism has 5 faces and 9 edges?

A Triangular prism has 5 faces and 9 edges.

What type of solid has 2 congruent basesfive facessix verticesand nine edges?

what type of solid has two congruent bases, five faces, six vertices,and nine edges

How many pairs of parallel faces does a triangular based pyramid have?

A triangular based pyramid has zero pairs of parallel faces. In a triangular based pyramid, all three faces of the base are not parallel to the apex, which means there are no pairs of parallel faces in this type of shape.

What is the dimensional formula for angle of prism?

That will depend on what type of prism it is as for example a triangular prism has 5 faces, 9 edges and 6 vertices.

A pyramid has how many faces and sides?

A rectangular pyramid has five faces. Sides are the same things as faces. A pyramid with a triangular base has 4 faces. This is the more common type of pyramid in mathematics, as it is a platonic solid.

What shape has more sides pyramid or triangular prism?

You don't get any sides on 3D shapes. However, here are the features of both shapes: Square based pyramid: 5 faces, 5 vertices, 8 edges Triangular prism: 5 faces, 6 vertices, 9 edges. Then again, it depends on what type of base the pyramid in question has.

What type of 3 Deferential Figure has 6 faces 12 edges and 8 vertices?

A rectangular solid (a cube is one example).

What type of polyhedron has two parallel triangular faces and three non parallel rectangular faces?

I am pretty sure it is a triangular prism!

What type of pyramid has all faces that are triangles?

Triangular pyramid

How many faces edges and faces does a square prism?

A square prism has six faces, eight vertices, and twelve edges. A square prism is a type of rectangular prism.

What type of faces does a hexahedron have?

A regular hexahedron (a.k.a.: a "cube") has six squarefaces.However "hexahedron" simply means "six faces", so a non-regular hexahedron could have faces of other shapes. For example:A triangular dipyramid has six triangular faces.A parallelepiped has six parallelogram faces.A triangular trapezohedron has six kite-shaped faces.A pentagonal pyramid has a pentagonal base, and five triangular sides.