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Asymmetry is when a shape is not symmetrical.

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Q: What type of symmetry means not symmetrical?
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What type of symmetry does a angelfish?

An Angelfish can have 3 levels of symmetry, a) Symmetrical, b) Offset Symmetry and c) Non-Symmetrical.

What is an armadillo's type of symmetry?

bilaterally symmetrical

What type of symmetry does an anaconda have?

symmetrical buddy!!

What type of symmetry do polyps have?

Polyps are radially symmetrical.

What is the difference between symmetry and approximate symmetry?

Approximate Symmetry is approximately symmetrical. Regular Symmetry is Symmetrical for sure.

What type of symmetry did your starfish have?

Starfish are radially symmetrical animals. Radial symmetry is a type of symmetry that a central axis. Radial symmetry is also found in flowering plants.

What type of symmetry does a bicycle have?

Mostly it is bilaterally symmetrical The pedals have an inverse mirror symmetry. The chain and gears are asymmetrical.

What type of symmetry does the scorpion organism have?

Scorpions have bilateral symmetry. This means that if you draw a line to divide it starting at the middle of its head, then down its back, to the tip of its tail, the two halves of the scorpion would match. The other type of symmetry is radial symmetry, and many organisms, such as plants or sponges, are not symmetrical.

What type of symmetry does a planaria have?

bilateral occasionally plane symmetrical end-to-end

What type of symmetrical shape is a crayfish?

a circle but a crayfish contains vertical symmetry.

What is something with symmetry called?

Something with symmetry is said to be symmetrical

Are human faces symmetrical?

Human faces have what is known as bilateral symmetry, which means that they have two similar sides, the left and the right. So yes, they are symmetrical.

Is something still symmetrical without a line of symmetry?

it is not symmetrical. welcome!

What is the noun for symmetrical?

The word 'symmetrical' is the adjective form of the noun symmetry.

Does a muskrat exhibit bilateral or radial symmetry?

Bilateral (meaning that it is symmetrical only is divided alone onle specific line. Radial symmetry means that the object can be symmetrical when divided along more that one different line.)

What is an easy word for symmetry?


What are symmetrical letters?

write 3 letters that are symmetrical and show the lines of symmetry

Does a jellyfish have bilateral symmetry radial symmetry or asymmetrical symmetry?

Jelly fish are radial symmetrical

Is symmetry an adverb?

No. Symmetry is a noun. The adjective symmetrical has the adverb form "symmetrically."

Is a parallelgram symmetrical?

A parallelogram has rotational symmetry of order 2 but there are no lines of symmetry.

Does a pretzel have symmetry?

Depends on the pretzel non-symmetrical ones:no the symmetrical ones: yes

Is a brain coral's symmetry bilateral symmetry or radial symmetry?

Brain corals are radially symmetrical organisms.

Is the letter z symmetrical?

It has rotational symmetry.

Is c a symmetrical?

Yes C has symmetry

Has at least one line of symmetry?

this shape has at least one line of symmetry The answer is:- Symmetrical.