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Sat or Act. The greatest Letter you have ever written. And lots of money.

over 40,000 a year.

Stanford you can have it all paid by rotc. Not sure about Harvard. My father is a Harvard lawyer.

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Harvard requires the SAT or ACT, as well as 2 SAT subject tests. Of course, you're going to need more than just those tests! Harvard is currently using the Common Application (and will start using the Coalition Application for students entering in 2017 and beyond).

In addition to the exams, the Common Application requires a personal statement, supplemental essays, a list of your activities, your GPA plus transcripts, letter of recommendation and, if selected, an interview.

If you're laying out a timeline to prepare, I'd recommend the following:

SAT/ACT: You should plan on taking standardized tests more than once during junior year. For the SAT, consider taking the test in January then again sometime in the spring. If you haven’t achieved the superscore you desire, you can take the test a third time in October of your senior year—after some summer prep work, of course. The same advice goes for the ACT.

SAT Subject Tests: Plan on taking these during your junior year, preferably in the spring.

Recommendations: By the end of junior year, you should figure out who you’d like to write your recommendations. Then, you should ask these potential recommenders and lock down at least three. When you return to school in the fall, get back in touch with these recommenders and lay out a timeline for when you need the letters to be done and ready for submission. It is YOUR responsibility to get those letters submitted on time, so don't just assume those guys know what to do and when to submit!

Essays: You should start drafting your personal statement in September, at the very latest. Writing is a process that benefits from time and reflection… and rewriting. Lots of rewriting. Rushing to complete an essay at the last minute and submitting a working draft is not recommended. This is far too important! Also, you’re going to want to have your personal statement locked down as early as possible so that you can devote meaningful time to application supplements, some of which are quite lengthy (check out UChicago and Columbia’s apps for prime examples). Finally, you shouldn’t write your essays in a vacuum. The opinions of others are invaluable—parents, teachers, mentors, friends, and admissions professionals.

Transcripts: You've got the grades, so now all you gotta do is make sure your transcripts are ready to go with the rest of your application. This should be the job of your guidance counselor, but make sure to meet with him/hear as soon as you start Senior Year to make sure everything is in order.

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Q: What type of test is needed to enter Harvard?
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