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An isosceles triangle

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Q: What type of triangle has sides 3cm 2cm 3cm?
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Can the sides of a right triangle measure 2cm 3cm 4cm?


What type of triangle has sides 3cm 4cm 4cm?

An isosceles triangle.

What triangle has 3cm 2cm 3cm?

An iscoceles triangle, because two of the sides are equal but one is not. Please try to pay attention in class, silly. Hope this helps. ☺

What type of triangle have sides that is 3cm 7 cm 9 cm?

A scalene triangle

How many triangles exist with the given side lengths 3cm 4cm 2cm?

A scalene triangle is one type of triangle that will be formed from the given dimensions.

What is the length of sides on a polygon are 2cm 3cm 4cm 4cm and 5cm?

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What is the area of a triangle with base 2cm and height 5cm?

What is the area of a triangle with base 2cm and height 3cm

What is the volume and density of a rectangular prism with sides measuring 3cm 2cm 5cm?

The volume is 3cm * 2cm * 5cm = 30 cm3. The density will depend on the mass of the prism which will depend on the material that the prism is made from.

Approximate to the nearest thousandth of a centimeter the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle with legs of 3 centimeters each?

If both legs of a right triangle are the same, then it forms what is known as a "45-45-90 triangle". In this type of triangle, the hypotenuse is always √2 times more than the legs. So in this problem, with legs 3cm and 3cm, the hypotenuse is 3√2cm, or 4.243cm

What kind of triangle has sides that measure 7cm 3cm and 6cm?


What type of triangle has sides 3cm 4cm and 5cm?

This is the simplest Pythagorean Triple (52 = 32 + 42) so it's a right(-angled) triangle

What is the perimeter for 2Cm 2Cm 2Cm 3Cm 5Cm and 11Cm?

Assuming the measurements given are the lengths of the sides of a hexagon, the perimeter is 2 + 2 + 2 + 3 + 5 + 11 = 25 cm.

What is the perimeter of an equilateral triangle with sides of 3cm?

3*3 = 9 cm

How big is a WWE ring?

2cm by 3cm

What are three shapes that have a perimeter of 12 cm?

Square side 3cm. Rectangle 2cm x 4cm. Equilateral triangle side 4cm.

If two sides of a triangle both measure 3 centimeters what type of triangle is it?

It is probably an isosceles triangle.Isosceles triangle = 2 sides the same lengthUnless the 3rd side is also 3cm, in which case it would be an equilateral triangle.

What is the volume for 2cm 3cm 2cm?

Assuming this is a rectangular block, you are supposed to multiply the three numbers.

How thick are solid granite counter tops?

Often times granite is 3cm for residential counter tops and 2cm for commercial counter tops. Granites generally come in 2cm, 3cm and 4cm. 3cm is recommended for residential use.

What is the volume of a prism whose whole dimension are 2cm x 3cm x 2cm?


What kind of triangle are you 3cm 5cm 3cm?

what triangles measure 3cm 5cm and 3cmA triangle that has two legs that are equal is an isosceles triangle.

What is the volume of a cuboid with width 2cm length 5cm and height 3cm?

2cm*5cm*3cm=30cm3The volume of the cuboid: 2*5*3 = 30 cubic cm

What triangle exact length is 14cm 3cm 8cm?

There is no triangle with sides 14 cm, 3cm and 8cm. For a triangle to exist the sum of the two shorter sides must be longer than the remaining side. 3 cm + 8 cm = 11 cm < 14cm

What is the mean of 4cm 2cm 1cm 3cm 5cm?

Mean = sum(X)/n = 15cm/5 = 3cm

How do you draw a rectangle with 6cm2?

It could be 3cm by 2cm in size.

What is the density of 4cm x 2cm x 3cm?


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