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equilateral, isosceles, and scalene.

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Q: What types of triangles can be formed by taking the cross section of a cube?
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Which types of triangles can be formed by taking the cross-section of a cube?

Equilateral, Isosceles or Scalene. For the latter two they could be acute or right angled

What area is formed by a plane cutting through a solid perpendicular to its axis?

A cross section is formed.

When a sphere is cut in cross section the shape formed by the cut is?

A circle.

Do the vertical cross sectional shapes of a triangular prism have all congruent triangles?

Yes the triangular cross-section area is congruent throughput the prism.

How do you work out the area of triangles?

add up the cross section and see what vthe answer is, then times it by the other part. Simple!

What is the cross section formed by a plane that contains a vertical line of symetry for a tetrahedron?

It is a triangle.

Why was arches and triangles used in making a bridge?

Introduction of Arches reduces the bending moment at cross sections due to presence of horizontal force at the support whenever bridge is loaded and thus requirement of cross section is lesser. When triangles are easy to propagate and can have tension/compression only if used as 2-point member in bridges (forces acts only the end of any member not in between), Due to absence of bending moment it also reduces the cross-section requirement. Therefore, if we introduce arches and triangles cross section requirements of each small member get reduced.

Describe the cross-sections that are formed when a cylinder is intersected by a plane?

In Geometry, cross-section is the shape made when a solid is cut through by a plane. The cross section of a circular cylinder is a circle. * * * * * There are also cross-sections that are ellipses or rectangles.

What two dimensional shape could not be the result of taking a cross section of a rectangular pyramid?

A circle.

What is thrust diagram-?

A thrust diagram refers to a cross-section diagram that shows how a thrust fault is formed.

Is the Empire State Building formed as a rectangular prisam?

No, it is not. Its cross section gets smaller as you go up.

What is the shape of the cross-section formed when a cone intersects a plane as shown in the drawing?

A. Circle just did it on apex!

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