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F = m a = (976) (2.5) = 2,440 newtons

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Q: What unbalanced force is needed to give a 976 kg vehicle an acceleration of 2.50 meters per second squared?
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What is the mean of 2g?

g is a measurement of acceleration namely 9.8 meters per second squared. When there is an acceleration of 2g then simply multiply 9.8 meters per second squared times 2 or 19.6 meters per second squared.

How are the units of acceleration expressed?

meters per second squared

What is 9.8m divided by s squared?

9.8 meters per second squared is the acceleration of gravity.

What is the SI unit of negative acceleration?

The SI unit for acceleration is meters per second squared. This applies to ANY acceleration.

Why do we a use the units meters per second squared when we talk about acceleration?

For every second of acceleration the velocity is increased by that acceleration.

Ten meters per second squared describes what?

The acceleration of gravity.

What does the slope of an acceleration-position graph indicate?

Meters/seconds squared

What is the acceleration of gravity on earth equation?

9.8 meters/second squared

What is the acceleration of an object in a free fall at Earth's surface?

The acceleration is 9.807 meters per second squared.

What is the acceleration due to gravity on Earth in meters per sec?

[ 9.807 meters per second squared ] is.

What is the acceleration of a 55kg football player who has a force of 110N?

The player's acceleration is 2 meters per second squared.

The phrase''ten meters per second squared'' describes the?

Acceleration of the object.