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A micrometre is one millionth of a metre. Smaller units than a micrometre are:

  • a nanometre (1000 nanometres in one micrometre)
  • a picometre (1000 picometres in one nanometre)
  • a femtometre (1000 femtometres in one picometre)
  • an attometre (1000 attometres in one femtometre)
  • a zeptometre (1000 zeptometres in one attometre)
  • a yoctometre (1000 yoctometres in one zeptometre)
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Q: What unit is shorter than a micrometre?
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Which is shorter than a meter?

A micrometre is shorter.

Unit to measure the thickness of a page?


What are smaller than micrometers?

A thousandth of a micrometre is a nanometre. A thousandth of that is a picometre. A thousandth of that is a femtometre. A thousandth of that is a attometre. A thousandth of that is a zeptometre. A thousandth of that is a yoctometre. There is also 1/10 nanometre, which is known as the Angstrom unit. An alternative answer to the question is, half a micrometre, a thrid of a micrometre, a quarter of a micrometre etc.

What is the metric unit for micrometer?

A micrometre is a metric unit, it is 0.000 001 metre,

What is the unit of length equal to one thousandth of a millimetre?

A micrometre ■

What is the best metric unit to measure the thickness of a CD?


What unit would you use to measure the width of a tack?

A micrometre

What unit do you get if you do centimeter divided by 10000?

A micrometre, which is also known as a micron.

What percentage of sunlight is visible light?

Sunlight is broken down into three major components: (1) visible light, with wavelengths between 0.4 and 0.8 micrometre, (2) ultraviolet light, with wavelengths shorter than 0.4 micrometre, and (3) infrared radiation, with wavelengths longer than 0.8 micrometre. The visible portion constitutes nearly half of the total radiation received at the surface of the Earth.

Which metric unit will be used to measure the thickness of hair?

A micrometre (millionths of a metre)

What metric unit would you use to measure the length of a bacterial cell?


How many micrometers are in a deciliter?

A micrometre is a unit of length. A decilitre is a unit of capacity. The two units are therefore incompatible.

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