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Q: What unit is the measurement of loudness?
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What unit is a measurement of loudness?

Decibel is a measurement of loudness.

What unit is measured of loudness?

Decibel is a measurement of loudness.

What is the unit of measurement for the loudness of the sound?


What is the word that describes levels of loudness?

The word "volume" represents the relative "loudness" of a sound. The word "decibel" is a unit of measurement for sound.

What is loudness measured in units called?

Just like any other substance in existence, the magnitude of sound or loudness can also be measured. In this case, the standard unit of measurement for loudness is called decibels.

Is decibel a unit of loudness?

yes it is a unit of loudness

How do you convert hz to decibles?

You don't. Hz (always capitalized) is the unit for measuring frequency or pitch. dB is the unit for measuring amplitude or relative loudness of the sound. You cannot convert a frequency measurement to an amplitude measurement.

Do decibels have light waves and sound waves?

The term decibel is a unit of measurement of the loudness of sound. It has nothing to do with light, which is measured in lumens.

What is a unit to compare loudness?

Decibels can compare loudness

Which loudness measure unit?

The unit of loudness N is "the sone" and the unit of loudness level (volume) LN is "the phon". Scroll down to related links and look at "Conversion of sone to phon".

What is the most common unit of sound loudness?

The most common unit of sound loudness is the decibel (dB).

What measurement do you use to measure loudness?

decibles(db)you choose the right answer, don't worry bye xxx