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The shortest SI unit of length is a yoctometre - there are 1000000000000000000000000 of them in one metre.

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Q: What unit measures the shortest distance?
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Which unit measures distance across an ocean?


What measuring unit measures length or distance?


What metric unit measures distance?

Distances are measured in metres.

What unit most likely measures the distance traveled by a truck?


What unit is a wave velocity measures in?

the distance.... ....over time. In Metres/second.

What Measures distance north and south from the eqautor?

What unit of longitude and latitude measerment

What is an example of a metric unit?

A litre, which is used for measuring the volume of liquid. A kilometre, which measures distance. A kilogram, which measures weight.

What is the shortest unit of length?

The Planck length is the shortest usable unit of distance/length. It is equivalent to approximately 1.6 x 10-35 metres. See the related link for further information.

Are kilometers English or metric measures?

The 'kilometer' is a unit of length or distance in the metric system.

The shortest distance from a point to a line?

the perpendicular distance to the line is the shortest.

What is 1 pedometer?

The pedometer is a device that measures the distance you walk, just as a odometer indicates the distance of a car. It is not a unit of measure.

What is the shortest distance to get from one point to another?

The shortest distance is displacement and total distance is length.

What unit measures distance?

Metric units of distance are: Kilometres, Metres, Centimetres, Millimetres Imperial units of distance are: Miles, Yards, Feet, Inches

What is The shortest distance from the base of a parallelogram to its opposite side is?

The shortest distance from the given information will be its height

What unit measures distance between two cities?

most people use mi or km

How many millimeters are equivalent to 500 liters?

Millimetres is not a similar unit of measurement to litres. Litres measures volumes and metres measures distance.

What is the shortest distance to the seaside in UK?

The shortest distance from where? The UK is a big place.

How do you figure displacement?

A displacement is the shortest distance measured .IT is measured in unit of length and distance .But ,,instead of speed velocity is used . Displacement = velocity /time.

What SI unit measures the distance between two cities?

kilograms from lil macky the one and only

How does a pedometer actually work?

A pedometer measures the distance walked in a given time. This works by the motion of the unit.

Does this product offer any sort of diagnostics such as distance or time used?

This cross trainer unit measures heart rate,distance,and time.

What is the unit that measures frequency?

Hertz (Hz) is the unit that measures frequency

What is the shortest distance from US to Ireland?

By air the shortest distance is Boston to Shannon on direct flights

The shortest distance between two point is what?

The shortest distance between the two points is zero

What is the shortest distance 0.0001km 0.11m or 10.1cm?

what is the shortest distance between 0.0001kilometre, 0.11metre, 10.1centimetre