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What units can si is in widespread use and is acceptable for use with si

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Q: What unit of SI measurement is not part of SI but is widespread use and is acceptable for SI use?
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What are the 2 part of measurement?

it has a number and a unit

Which of these is both the name of a unit of measurement and a part of the human body?


What part of speech is bushel?

"Bushel" is a noun, the name of a unit of measurement of volume.

What unit of measurement do me use in america?

Feet and inches, which is part of the U.S. Customary

What do they call the unit of measurement where they use feet inches and miles?

Feet, inches, and miles are part of the English system of measurement.

Are feet considered a unit conversion or unit of measurement?

unit of measurement

WHAT IS KGA in unit of measurement?

what is KGA in unit of a measurement

Is a pencil a unit of measurement?

No, a pencil is not a unit of measurement.

What is the measurement unit for noise level when rating coolers if you were in an office building and needed a very quiet system what would be an acceptable noise level?


What is the unit of measurement for forcr?

The unit of measurement of force is 'Newton'

What is the standard (or SI) unit of measurement for mass?

the metric system is based on 1 cc of water weighing 1 gram Correction cc is not an acceptable metric symbol; a cubic centimetre is cm3 Nothing can "weigh" 1 gram - it's not a unit of weight though an object may have a mass of 1 g. The question seems to ask for any unit of weight measurement in "the standard measurement system" without defining what is meant. A metric weight unit is the newton, assuming "the standard measurement system" is SI. In the "standard" US measurement system a weight unit is a pound.

Is pounds part of the English system?

As a unit of measurement for mass, yes. As a currency unit, yes. For other uses of the word, probably not.