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A metres, for an approximate measure, a centimetre for a more accurate measure.

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Q: What unit of length would you use to measure the length of a dining table?
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Which is most appropriate measure for length of a table kilometers grams or meters?

Grams is no good - it is a measure of weight not length. Kilometers measure length - but only if your table-top is a few miles long. Most appropriate would be Meters - your average dining table is about one-and-a-half meters long.

What would you use to measure the length of a table?

A tape measure that measure in feet and inches (or meters and centimeters) would be most appropriate.

What would be the length of a table if you measured it with a ruler?

the same as it would be if you measured it with a tape measure as long as you were accurate

What is something you would measure in centimetres?

The length of a pencil. your waist/chest measurement the dimensions of a table

Does the dining table have to match the hutch?

No, the dining room table does not have to match the hutch. For example, if your table were to be finished in paint, while your hutch is in a stained finish, (or vise versa), it would give the room a chic eclectic look. While if you wanted a more traditional style in your dining room, matching the dining room table to your hutch would be a wise idea.

What are 3 things you would measure with a meters?

The table's length. The height of your legs. The deepness of the water in a bathtub.

Which tool would be best for measuring the length of a picnic table?

a tape measure

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A good vase with a bold floral arrangement would be a great fit for an oval dining table.

What size round dining table seat fourteen?

The table would have to be at east ten feet in diameter.

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