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A microgram.

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Q: What unit of measure of metric would you use to measure a pinch of salt?
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How do you measure a pinch?

A "pinch" is just that... such as a pinch of salt in a recipe. I was told at one point that a Pinch works out to about 1/8th of a teaspoon, but it's probably even a little less than that. To do "a pinch of salt", one would pinch some salt between their fingers and put it in the recipe.

What part of speech is pinch?

To pinch is a verb. "Pinch" as in the phrase "in a pinch" or as in "a pinch of salt", then pinch would be a noun.

What is the collective noun for salt and pepper?

A pinch of salt

What does the phrase pinch of salt means?

pinch of salt

What is buter pinch of salt?

Not seeing the recipe my guess would be it was a typo. It probably should be 2 ingredients: butter pinch of salt

How much sodium in a pinch of salt?

If your pinch of salt is 1/16 tsp, then 150 mg of sodium. If your pinch of salt is 1/8, then 300 mg.

How does a teaspoon compare to a dash a smidgen and a pinch?

A teaspoon is much larger than a dash, smidgen or pinch Think of it this way, put a teaspoon of salt in a small dish, now take a pinch of salt (a pinch is what you can pick up between finger and thumb) you would leave most of the salt in the dish, a dash and a smidgen are about the same as a pinch.

How much is a pinch of salt?

A pinch of salt is however much salt you can fit in between two fingers. This is normally a very small amount of salt.

What are the ratings and certificates for A Pinch of Salt - 2012?

A Pinch of Salt - 2012 is rated/received certificates of: India:U

What metric unit is a grain of salt?

It depends on whether you wish to measure its length, its volume or its mass.

What are four sentences for the word pinch?

Do not pinch your sister.Please don't pinch my bike.I added a pinch of salt to the recipe.Ouch, don't pinch my arm!

What is the collective noun of salt?

The standard collective noun for 'salt' is a lot of salt(perhaps a Biblical reference?).Because there is no specific collective noun for salt that we commonly use, the context of your sentence would determine the collective noun to use; for example: a pinch, a box, a shaker, a cup, etc.The noun 'salt' is an uncountable (mass) noun and the nouns used for units of an uncountable noun (pinch, box, cup, etc.) are actually called partitive nouns.

How many salt in 10 pinch of salt?

there is 160 grains of salt in 10 pinches of salt because in 1 pinch there is 16 grains. so you do the math!! haha

What actors and actresses appeared in A Pinch of Salt - 2003?

The cast of A Pinch of Salt - 2003 includes: Ruth Frendo as Presenter

What would you use to measure 10.5g of rock salt?

I would use a laboratory balance, or scale to measure 10.5g of rock salt.

How much salt in a pot noodle?

a pinch

What is half a gram of salt?

Approx. a pinch.

What is the plural of pinch?

The plural of pinch is pinches. e.g. For this recipe you will need two pinches of salt.

Word for small amount which starts with a p?

pinch often used in recipes, a pinch of salt

How much salt in a sausage sandwich?

you need just 3 pinch of salt!!

What do you use to measure 137mL of a salt solution?

You would use a graduated cylinder. Depends. If you aren't doing this for a class, you can probably find a water bottle that has metric measurements on one side.

What does one pinch of salt weigh?

0.3 mg

What is the boiling point of porcelain?

if you add a pinch of salt

How many ounce in a pinch of salt?

.0235 ounces

How many pinch of salt for a teaspoon?

About 20 'pinches'