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Q: What units are used to expressed volume's?
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Related questions

What unit of measure is used to express the volume of smaller objects?

The volumes of all objects are expressed in the third power of whatever units are being used to measure their dimensions. For example, if an object is very small and you measure its dimensions in millimeters, its volume would be expressed in cubic millimeters.

Directions are expressed as units of?

Directions are expressed as units of

What are the units of volume?

A measuring cup can be used to measure volumes in liquids. The volume units would be cups, fluid ounces and millilitres.

Why are units pounds feet and gallons used in science?

In olden days, they were used for measuring mass, distance and volumes. Nowadays, these units are not used in science anywhere in the world except in the US.

Why are square units used when working with a three-dimensional figure?

Surface area of three dimensional figures are measured in square units whereas their volumes are measured in cubic units

Measurement of liquid volumes?

In SI units it is meters3 and also liters or more preferably dm3. Smaller volumes are ml or cm3 and very small volumes microliters. In the USA gallons are still used

What is expressed in square units?

The surface area of a shape is expressed in square units.

What units are used to express speed?

Speed is expressed in units of Knots = 2 meters/second or Nautical Miles/hour.

What units is force expressed in?

It is expressed in Newtons.

What units are used to express mass and volume?

Mass is expressed in grams in the SI system and slugs in the English system. (these are the base units obviously multiples of these units exist. ex: kg). Volume is expressed as a cubic of any unit of length ex: M^3.

Average weight of an element expressed in atomic mass units?

Average weight of an element expressed in Atomic Mass units.

What is the derived unit for gravity?

If you mean the gravitatioal field - other options are possible - units of acceleration are used for that. The force of gravity, of course, is expressed in units of force.

What is the unit used with an unbalanced force?

Assuming you use standard units (that is, SI), forces are expressed in newton.

What are the units used to measure preassure?

Blood pressure is usually expressed in terms of millimeters of mercury (mmHg).

Relative atomic masses are expressed in atomic mass units?

Yes, relative atomic masses are expressed in atomic mass units

How is the volume of solid objects commonly expressed?

It is expressed in cubic units.

What unit used to express volume?

Volume can be expressed in many units. Common ones are cubuc centimetre (cc), litre (L), gallon (though remember the US and Imperial gallons are not the same), cubic yard, cumic kilometre or cubic mile, etc. And then there are the cooking volumes like teaspoon, tablespoon, cup etc.

What is the Units for properties involved in density?

Density = mass / volumeIn SI units: mass is expressed in kilograms volume is expressed in cubic meters Therefore, density is expressed in kilograms /cubic meters. (In practice, the unit kilogram/liter, which is equivalent to gram / cubic centimeter, is often still used.)

What property is expressed in distance units?

Wavelength (Apex)

What units are commonly used for measuring volume in the metric system What tool is commonly used for measuring liquid volumes in the metric system?

measuring the volume of the metric system the bushel scale and is used by units of measurement that litters. ml. cubic inch. cubic meters. Decimeter cubic meters. It is.

International units of energy are expressed in?

They are not expressed in joules, they are expressed in volts.

What is the mass of expressed km?

Mass is not expressed in kilometers (km). That is a measure of distance. Mass is expressed in units of kilograms (kg)

Mass defect of binding energy?

binding energy expressed in mass units is mass defect .mass defect expressed in energy units is binding energy

What is the volume of liquids most often expressed as?

Liters and milliliters are the units used most often to express the volume of liquids.

In what units is velocity expressed?

Velocity may be expressed as cm/second in CGS units and as m/sec in SI units. Other units include kilometers/hour (kph), miles per hour (mph), and feet/sec (fps)