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The unit used on spring scales is 'Newtons.'

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Q: What units do you use on the spring scale?
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How do you use a spring spring scale?

what is a spring spring scale.

What units are used when weighing with a spring scale?

Newton in SI Pounds in US Customery units system

What does a spring scale measure?

A spring scale measures the force exerted on an object due to gravity. It does this by stretching a spring based on the weight of the object, which can then be read as a measure of the force in units such as pounds or newtons.

A spring scale is used to mesure?

A spring scale is used to measure the force exerted on an object by gravity or by a person pulling on it. It measures this force in units of mass, such as grams or kilograms.

What is the use of a spring scale?

Weighing things.

How do you use spring scale in a sentence?

spring scale is like we measure  he measurethe mass tool used to measure force 

What instrument can measure force of gravitivy on an object?

A spring scale or a dynamometer can measure the force of gravity on an object by determining the amount of stretch or compression in the spring caused by the object's weight. The scale will display this force in units of newtons or pounds.

Which physical property would you measure with a spring scale?

You would measure weight or force using a spring scale. The scale works by quantifying the amount of force applied to it, which is then translated into a weight measurement in units like pounds or kilograms.

Can you use a spring scale to weigh potatoes?


Why was the spring scale invented?

The spring scale was invented to measure the force of gravity on an object, which is the weight of the object. By extending or compressing a spring, the scale can provide a measurement of this force in units like pounds or newtons. This invention made it easier to measure weight accurately and consistently.

What is another name for a spring scale?

Another name for a spring scale is a dynamometer. It is a device used to measure the force exerted on an object by a spring.

How force is measured?

The SI units of force are newtons. They're generally measured using something like a spring scale.