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Q: What urban region with more than 10 million inhabitants is called a(n)?
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An urban region with more than 10 million inhabitants is called?

An urban region with more than 10 million inhabitants is called a megacity.

What is a an urban region with more than 10 million inhabitants called?


What do you call an urban region with more than 10 million inhabitants?


How many people are there in Paris?

32 million don't listen to that if Paris had a population of 32 million then it would be the most populated city in the world, the real population of Paris including the urban area would be just over 10 million

What is the population of Limoges France?

The most recent figures are from 2010, when the population of Lyon, France was 484,344 people. The current population of the entire country of France is 64.1 million.

Are there good chiropractors in Mexico City?

Yes. Mexico City is an urban conglomerate of more than 21.16 million inhabitants; there must be a good chiropractor out there.

What are the populations of Paris including Paris?

Paris is a city, not a country, not a region neither. Paris and its suburbs count almost 12 millions inhabitants for a land area of 2700km2 (which make it one of the world largest city). The Paris urban area is located in the administrative region of Ile-de-France (north central France). The region is also called Région Parisienne (Parisian Region) by most French.

Is the region of york urban or rural?

The region of York is both Urban and Rural, depending on what part is in context

What is a urban commuinity?

A community in which the inhabitants are from cities or industrial locations. Antonym of Rural.

Is Los Angeles an urban region?

la is a urban reigion

Why are urban legend's called urban legends?

They are not always called urban Legends. They can be called Urban Myths, Urban Tales or Urban Stories. And they are not necessarily from and 'Urban' origin.

What is the population of Mumbai?

There are around 13,662,885 people living in Mumbai.13,830,884The population of Greater Mumbai urban agglomeration, including suburbs like Kalyan-Dombivali, Navi Mumbai and Thane (all three probably with over 1 million inhabitants nowadays) is calculated by the UN to be 18,978,000 in 2007. The population of the Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation, including the two districts of Mumbai and Mumbai Suburban and together is the most common definition of the city of Mumbai, is probably about 13,5 million by the same date. There is also a definition for local planning that's called Mumbai Metropolitan Region, which had 17,8 million inhabitans in 2001, and have probably reached approx. 21 million by 2007.