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On whichever variable is considered the y-variable. It would be the second element of each ordered pair of data points.

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Q: What value do we plot on the y-axis of a graph?
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When your independent variable is plotted on the xaxis and the dependent variable is plotted on the yaxis?

.... then your graph is inverted.

What value do you plot on the y-axis of a graph?

Dependent variable

How do you Plot a Graph?

Howdo you plot a graph?

In a line graph on which axis would you plot the manipulated value?


What is the difference between a graph and stem and leaf plot?

A graph and stem is different to a leaf plot because in a leaf plot, there is a stem and leaf in a plot, while in a graph and stem, there is a leaf and stem in a graph.

How do you plot a trigonometry graph?

You plot the magnitude of the angle along the horizontal axis and the value of the trigonometric ratio on the vertical axis.

What are the differences of a plot and graph?

A line graph is a line plotted on a 4 quadrant graph. A line plot is a graph that plots values on a graph !

What is a scatter graph?

A scatter graph, also known as a coordinate graph, a coordinate plot, or a scatter plot, is a graph with coordinates.

What are the differences between line graph and line plot?

On a line graph, the points are connected by a line. Hence the name 'line graph". A line plot is, A line plot can be used as an initial record of discrete data values. The range determines a number line which is then plotted with X's for each data value.

What is a plot in math?

A plot is simply a graph

What are all the graphs you can think of?

* line graph * bar graph * circle graph * histogram * pictograph * scatter plot * line plot

Can you plot the same things from a frequency graph on a line graph?

yes you can plot same things from a frequency graph on a line graph because it is the same thing :) peace

Is a stem and leaf plot a graph?

A stem and leaf plot is not a graph, but it is a table. You can turn it into a graph, a histogram, but it is simply a table that organizes your numbers.

What's the difference between a line plot and a line graph?

A line plot is just a graph with points and a line graph the points are connected.

What is a pair of numbers to determine the point on a graph?

A pair of numbers are usually (x,y) if u want to determine a point on a graph. Find the value for both x and y and then plot them on a graph

What kind of graph do you plot acceleration on?

A line graph

What is an example of a graph that is not a scatter plot?

Bar graph.

What types of data tables are available?

t chart,circle graph,bar graph,picto graph,scatter plot,stem and tree plot

Why bode plot is called plot not graph?

cos it's a plot it needs to be called a plot

How Sketch a plot of f(x)xlxl?

Make a table: for some different values of x, calculate the value of the function. Plot the points on a graph, and join them by lines.

What graph is used to graph intervals of numbers?

a line plot

What graph is used for comparisons?

a bar graph or line plot

How do you find critical value for a total revenue function?

If it is a differentiable function, you find the value at which its derivative is 0. But in general, you can plot it as a line graph and see where it peaks.

What is another definition of coordinate graph?

A Coordinate Graph is a graph which has a x and y axis for you to plot

What is the term for 'to graph a point'?

To graph a point is to plot a point on a chart, graph, grid, etc.