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If I understand the question correctly, and that is by no means certain, then

x = (y-1)/2

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Q: What value of the variable x is associated with the following values for the variable y and y equals 2x plus 1?
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What defines a variable?

A variable is a named storage location that can hold any data value. A variable has two associated values ; r value and l value.

Why can't you use a equals equals sign for a for statement?

This answer applies to programming languages in general. The equals sign is used for assignment. For example, the code "$variable = 1" assigns the value of 1 to the variable $variable. If you want to test whether values are the same (equality) the double equals sign is used. For example, when you want to verify that $variable has been assigned the value of 1 you would use: $variable == 1

What is discrete probability distribution?

It is a function that gives the probabilities associated with the discrete number of values that a random variable can take.

To evaluate a variable expression you must do what to values for the variable?

You must substitute values for the variable.

What is probability mass function?

It is a function which is usually used with continuous distributions, to give the probability associated with different values of the variable.

Is a plus 2a equals 3a equation or expression?

It is, in fact, an identity - which is an equation which is true for all values of the variable.

How do you declare correct variable in c?

we can declare a variable using the following syntax datatype variablename; actually variable is the name given to the memory location which store values.

What is a variable in C language?

variable which is used to specify the values and also we can that values through the variable name

If a variable has possible values -2 6 and 17 then this variable is?

If a variable has possible values -2 6 and 17 then this variable is an Integer.

Difference between equals equals and equal in java?

"==" in java is the binary operator which compares two values and gives a boolean result While "=" in java is a assignment operator which assigns a value to a variable.

What is is the domain and range of y equals 2x-8?


What correctly lists the possible values for if n equals 3?

Since there are no lists following, the answer must be "none of them!"

Is a table a graph or a formula listing all possible values that a discrete random variable can take on along with its associated probabilities?

It could be any one of the above.

What describes a variable?

A variable is a measurement that can take different "values". I put values in quotation marks because a variable can take qualitative values (for example, colour of eye) as well as quantitative (numerical) ones.

What is different between equals equals and equals method in java?

== (the double equal sign) is used to compare two values (resulting in true if they are equal, false otherwise). = (a single equal sign) is used to assign a value to a variable.

What is Lvalue in c?

A variable is a named storage that can hold any value and has 2 values associated with it namely rvalue and lvalue. 'lvalue' is its location value, that is memory address.

What are the values of the idependent variable and the dependent variable?

the independent variable is usually assigned to x the dependent variable is usually assigned to y their values will vary because they are variables. that is the definition of variable

Are there any values of the variable A for which the expressions 2 plus A and 2A have the same value?

2. 2 plus 2 equals 4 and 2(2)= 4

What is The actual numerical value assigned to nominal level variable?

The whole point of a nominal variable is that is has no numerical value associated with it. With a binary measure you can allocated the values 1 and 0 or +1 and -1 for observations where the attribute is present or absent. If there are more than 2 values that the nominal variable can take then you can allocate any numbers that you want but in all cases the numbers do not have a value: they are simply symbols which can help for sorting and for binary comparisons.

What is an experimental variable?

A variable whose values are independent of changes in the values of other variables. The factor you are testing.

One of the values of a variable which divides the distribution of the variable?

A quantile.

How do you decide the independent variable?

You choose the values of the independent variable. The dependent variable is the one you measure.

What was the experimental variable?

A variable whose values are independent of changes in the values of other variables. The factor you are testing. answer by: Ayezza

What is distribution in math?

Distribution is the set of values that a variable can take, along with measures relating to the likelihood of the variable taking those values.

What shows the values that a variable can take and the number of observations associated with each value?

measure of central tendency...Updating previous answer by prior responder...I believe the more accurate answer is a frequency distribution.