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Q: What value of x makes the equation true?
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What is the value for a variable that makes an equation?

It's the value that when substituted in for the variable, makes the equation true. Ex: x + 1 = 3 The value 2, when substituted for the variable x, makes the equation true.

The value for x that makes an equation true?


What value of y makes this equation true when x equals 3?

In the equation x = 3, if x = 3, the equation is true, if x has any other value, it is not. The value of any other variable, such as y, is irrelevant. I would say that the answer is 0 because otherwise y is part of the equation which clearly it isnt.

What value of x makes 10x equals 350 a true statement?

We want to answer the equation 10x = 350 This can be done by dividing both sides by 10. That makes the equation x = 35. Thus the value of x that makes 10x=350 is 35.

What value for x makes the following equation TRUE 6x-5 equals 31?


Look at the equation a times x equals 0 What value of x makes this equation true when a is not equal to 0?

In that case, x must be equal to zero. (0)

What value of g makes the equation (x 7) (x-4)x 2 gx-28 true?


What is an equation that is true for every value?

how about X = X

What value for x makes the following equation true 3x plus 3 equals 2x plus 6?

3 is the true!

What value of x makes the equation below true. 3(x-6)5x-7?

If you mean: 3(x-6) = 5x-7 then the value of x works out as -5.5

What does value of variables mean?

In algebra, variables are represented by letters such as x. A variable could be any number. That number is the "value" of the variable. In an expression, you can choose a number to put in for x, and simplify to get a number which is the value of the expression. In an equation, you can solve for the value of x, which will be the value of x which makes the equation true.

What is the exact answer for 4x-x equals 2x plus x?