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If you mean: 2x+5+3x = 25 then the value of x works out as 4

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Q: What value of x satisfies the equation 2 times x plus 5 plus 3 times x equals 25?
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What value of x satisfies the equation 4x plus 2 equals 22?


What does 0x equals 17 mean?

There is no value of x that satisfies the equation. You may be missing an operator (+. - sign).

What is the value that satisfies an equation?

It is the solution of the given equation.

The value of a variable which satisfies an equation is called to the equation?

a solution

What value of satisfies the equation 5a - 1 equals a -7?

5a - 1 = a - 7 4a = -6 a = -1.5

How dp you write as 0.054 as a percentage?

Answer is 5.4 percent because you want equvailent fractions in the equation so thefore you times the decimal value by 100 so equation is 100 times 00.54 equals 5.4 percent. THIS IS THE ANSWER

What is -6a equals 6?

It is an equation and the value of a is -1 because -6 times -1 = 6

Why is it possible to check the solution to any equation?

If you found the value of x that is a solution to an equation, you want to substitute that value back into the original equation, to check that it indeed satisfies the equation. If it does not satisfy the equation, then you made an error in your calculations, and you need to rework the problem.

What is the equation to the tangent line to the curve xy plus y2 equals 0 at the point x equals 3 and y equals 0?

y=0. note. this is a very strange "curve". If y=0 then any value of x satisfies the equation, leading to a curve straight along the y axis. For any non-zero value of y the curve simplifies to y = -x. The curve is not differentiable at the origin.

Is three times a number plus five equals twenty and expression or an equation?

It is an equation in the form of: 3x+5 = 20 and the value of x works out as 5

The equation for computing interest on an interest bearing note is as follows interest equals maturity value times interest rate times time?


What is the graph of this linear equation 4x-12 equals 0?

Only one value of x satisfies this [x = 3], but y is not specified, so y can be any value. In a 2 dimensional plane, this would be a vertical line at x = 3

What value of x satisfies 3-12x equals 4x plus 27?


What value of p makes the equation true 44 times 73 equals 44 times p plus three?

p = 3209/44

This is any and all value(s) of the variable(s) that satisfies an equation inequality system of equations or system of inequalities.?

It is called the "soulltion set"

What is the y-coordinate that satisfies the linear equation y-x 4?

Each and every value of y will satisfy any linear equation in which both x and y appear.

Look at the equation a times x equals 0 What value of x makes this equation true when a is not equal to 0?

In that case, x must be equal to zero. (0)

What can you infer when you end up with a solution of x equals 0?

You infer that the value of x, which satisfies the equations or inequalities, is zero!

Which value of x satisfies the equation 3x-4 equals x?


What value of x satisfies the equation 4 2 6?

None because the numbers 4, 2 and 6 can't be considered to be an equation.

What is 4a equals 28?

It is an equation and the value of a is 7

What is 54 divided by A equals 6?


If a circle with a diagonal line through it is a symbol for no solution how you designate the case when any value satisfies the equation?

When any value satisfies the equation, you would simply state "all real numbers." There is a symbol for it, and even though it is difficult to explain, I will attempt to. It is simply an R with an extra line making it kind of look like |R, but it's connected to the furthermost left parallel line. I hope that helps!

What is 10m equals 500?

It is an equation and the value of m is 50

What is 14x equals -129.5?

It is an equation and the value of x is -9.25