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A fixed quantity of gas at a constant pressure exhibits a temperature of 27 degrees Celsius and occupies a volume of 10.0 L. Use Charles's law to calculate:

the temperature of the gas in degrees Celsius in atmospheres if the volume is increased to 16.0 L
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Q: What volume is occupied by 2.0g He at 25 degrees celsius and 775 mmHg?
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What volume will 400 ml of argon gas initially at 30 degree celsius and 725 mmHg occupy at 30 degree celsius and 650 mmhg?

The volume is 0,446 L.

Will measured a gas at 30 degrees Celsius and 752.0 mmHg what would his measurements be if expressed in kelvin and atmospheres?

30 degrees Celsius = 303,15 K752 mmHg = 0,9894737 atmosphere

What is the temperature in degree celsius of a 2.75 L of gas at 47 degrees celsius and 798 mmHg?

47 degrees Celsius

A sample of nitrogen gas is collected over water at 20 degrees Celsius. The vapor pressure of water at 20 degrees Celsius is 18 mmHg. What is the partial pressure of the nitrogen if the total pressure?

747 mmHg

What is the volume in milliliters occupied by 89.2g CO2(g) at 37oC and 737 mmHg?

The volume of CO2 is 53,18 litres.

How do you convert celsius to mmhg?

by grabing a gun and shooting yourself in the private parts

How many moles of H2 are there if 0.845 L of H2 is collected at 25 degrees Celsius and 782 mmHg?

0.0710 mol

How do you convert degrees Celsius per mm Hg to just degrees Celsius?

You can't. Celsius per mmHg is a relationship of temperature to pressure. You can however solve for temperature if you have the value of pressure (e.g. if P= 10 mmHg and V/P = 2 ºC/mmHgthen V= (2 ºC/mmHg)(10 mmHg) = 20 ºC). If you have more information in the problem you might be referring to Gay-Lussac's Law, which compares two values of pressure and temperature to show the relationship (GL'sL: P1/T1 = P2/T2 ... but that would be pressure per unit volume). I'm not sure what you are looking for exactly, but you can't convert temp. to pressure (just like you can't convert feet to lbs.).

The vapor pressure of dichloromethane at 0 degrees Celsius is 134 mmHg The normal boiling point of dichloromethane is 40 degrees Celsius. Calculate the molar heat of vaporization?

The answer is about 30.9 kJ/mol

What is the expression for the ideal gas law?

PV=nRT (pressure*volume=mols*value for R*temperature in degrees kelvin) R Values vary, but must match the unit for pressure---> .0821 ATM 62.4 mmHg 8.314kPa temperature must always be in degrees kelvin ( kelvin= degrees celsius+273)

Does STP stand for zero degrees celsius and 760 mmHg?

Yes it does. And STP also stands for 760 torr and 1.0 ATM and 273 K.

If you have mL degrees Celsius and mmHg figure out Volume at STP?

That's going to depend on the substance, which the question neglects to identify. --------------------------------------------------- The volume of any gas at STP (pressure of 1 ATM & temp.: 0oC) is approximately 22.41 L/mol or 22,410 mL/mol. So you need to find out how much gas you have to begin with (# of moles) to find the volume of the gas at STP.