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Q: What was a Muslim achievement in math?
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What was most interesting achievement of the muslim empire?

The interesting achievement of the Muslim Empire led to the preservation of various prehistorical sites and led to discovery of some medicine.

In your opinion what was the most important Muslim scientific achievement?

The question as written makes no sense. If you mean "What was the most important Muslim scientific achievement?", see the Related Question below.

What was the greatest Muslim scientific achievement?

I think that the greatest achievement was art, science and technology.

What was an mathematical achievement of the Muslim world?

The Muslims invented/discovered the concept of zero.

What is one major cultural achievement of Muslim Society?

A very big one is medicine

What is a scholarly achievement?

Scholarly achievement is something that he she accomplish, like for example he/she did make a story about someone's life and that is consider achievement. What about something that he/she finish professional goals.

Who was Omar khayyam and what did he contribute to Muslim civilization?

He created the math and geometry

What do you think was the most impressive achievement?

Art and architecture, science and math, but also writing and oral traditions.

What do you think was the most important advance that Muslim scholars made in math or science?


What lasting achievement don mathematicians make?

it gave them a chance to teach the kids to learn there culture and math properly

What is Muslim math called?

Islam is a religion and Math is a subject. Math is the same everywhere. The Muslims did great service in the field of Maths. Algebra has been the chief subject the Muslims contributed a lot.

How did Muslim scholars contribute science and technology?

They collected, translated, and studied old texts on math, etc.