What was descartes simple statement?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Cogito ergo sum, which translates to I think, therefore I am.

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Q: What was descartes simple statement?
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What is descartes statement?

Cogito ergo sum = I think, therefore I am .

How does descartes prove that he exists?

Descartes uses this statement to prove that he exists: "I think, therefore I am." He uses this as proof because him thinking shows he is capable of having a free will and keeping his own opinions.

Rene descartes dissapers in a restruant after being insulted by a waiter why was this queer?

Because it should be Descartes. There is no such verb as "dissapers". There is no such place as a "restruant". Those are three good reasons for the statement being queer.

What did Descartes mean by i think therefore i am?

"I think; therefore I am" was the end of the search Descartes conducted for a statement that could not be doubted. He found that he could not doubt that he himself existed, as he was the one doing the doubting in the first place. In Latin (the language in which Descartes wrote), the phrase is "Cogito, ergo sum."

You think therefore you are is written by?

I think therefore I am - Cogito ergo sum - is a philosophical Latin statement proposed by Rene Descartes

Which French philosopher said Cogito ergo sum?

This philosophical statement meaning "I think therefore I am" was said by Rene Descartes.

Who was Renee Descartes and what did he do?

Renee Descartes was an important French mathematician, perhaps best known as the inventor of the Cartesian coordinate system, and for his famous statement "Je pense donc je suis" which in translation means, I think therefore I am.

Is a simple statement is sometimes called a compound statement?


What was descartes methods that lead him to the conclusion of you think therefor you are?

It is the only statement that an individual can state without any doubt. There was not method really.

What are facts about descartes?

A town that Descartes born was renamed into 'Descartes"

Contributions of Rene descartes in the field of mathematics?

One of Descartes simple but important contributions to the field of mathematics is his notation, which made exponents into a superscript after the root. He also came up with the formula for reflection and refraction and the Cartesian plane

How did descartes affect the 18th and 19th century?

How did descartes affect the 18th and 19th century?"Descartes is often regarded as the first thinker to provide a philosophical framework for the natural sciences as these began to develop. Most famously, this is known as ( "I think, therefore I am"). "The simple meaning of the phrase is that if one is skeptical of existence, that is in and of itself proof that he does exist."