What was it like before time?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Q: What was it like before time?
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What was it like before electricity?

the time before electricity existed is refered to as "the cingularity". No one can know what it was like before that time since the known laws of physics do not apply before the big bang and are of no consequence in a universe without electricity.

What is the time of the book The Lightning Thief?

it was a time before people existed...obviously because there were no people in the book...duhhh!!(kind of like THE LAND BEFORE TIME)

What is the best time to tell a guy you like him?

Before u kiss him

What was anti-semitism like before?

"Before" is a contextual term and needs an event to ground it to a specific time. Please resubmit the question clarifying what time is being asked about.

Does ali like littlefoot in the land before time series?

It's unkown, but you can think that if you like. Most people do.

How do you restart a Nissan Titan?

Just like you did the first time before you turned it off.

You like to get tied to the bed and gagged for long periods of time during after and before you have sex is this Normal?

Of course not. If you like to do that its fine.

What was Japanese government like before the time of prince shotoku?

life before the shoguns was S**T it was like living in a S**T pit actually idk what it was like but we are talking about japan so you tell me.

Do you feel like you've lived the same day many times before?

I did many times before, like when I did something or someone talked about something last time, it does the same thing. -~-

What did space look like before the big bang?

There was no such thing as 'space' before the Big Bang. In fact, there was no such thing as 'before' before the Big Bang. Space and time both began with that event.

What did elizabeth gillies play on before victorious?

She doesn't have job, she is still like 16 at that time.

How do you say 20 minutes after 2 in before time?

just like you wrote it or as two twenty.