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Q: What was on of the first terms used to conceptualize the idea of an EHR?
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In what studies is conceptualization used?

Conceptualization is used in most studies that require a lot of mental activity. To conceptualize is to form an idea or theory out of observations, experience and data. Examples of these fields of study include: science, research, computers and technology, history, theology, economy.

What is an acronym for the terms used when two binomials are multiplied?

FOIL. First terms Outer terms Inner terms Last terms

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Useding in software testing: what an outstanding idea

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i have no idea man oh well......

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they are classified as first, second, or third-degree, or grade

Which country first used the poison gas idea in world war 1?


What state first used the yellow lines on the road?

None. Yellow lines on the road was a British idea. Britain introduced the idea to Canada, then the US adopted the idea from the Canadians. Michigan was the first American state to paint the lines on their roadways.

What number can be used to describe a certain event?

The number one can be used to describe a certain event.

How the idea came to usa to make internet?

IT was used in its basic format by the military first and developed from there

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The idea of open-pit mining was first introduced by the Romans in ancient times. They used this method to extract ores such as copper and iron.

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There is no limit to the number of terms that are used as expressions.