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I think for like the tens hundreds thousands the zeros after that or as my math teacher said to be a place holder

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Q: What was the concept zero invented for?
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Who invented number zero and one?

the mayans came up with the concept of zero

Who invented the concept zero?

It is attributed to Indian mathematicians.

Hindu-Arabic numerals developed in India invented which mathematical concept?

The concept of zero

What was an mathematical achievement of the Muslim world?

The Muslims invented/discovered the concept of zero.

Who invented zero Indians or Egyptians?

Egyptians!!! The concept of zero was invented by the ancient Indians, google 'Shunya'. Also the modern decimal system was invented in ancient India, and passed along to the west by Arabs.

Did ancient Rome use the concept of zero?

No, it was invented by early muslims after the end of the roman empire

In which country was zero invented?

Most Everybody in my country know India has invented Zero .In reality movie also shown it. And it is true. Other country just want to take this credit also.Shame on them

Who discoverd zero?

The MAYANS discovered the concept of zero:)

Where was our system of numerals invented?

It originated from the Indian subcontinent where the concept of zero was introduced into numbers what today we now call the Hindu-Arabic numeral system.

What did arybhatt discover?

the concept of zero

When was the zero invented?

Zero was invented about 4500 years ago.The concept of zero was not invented, it was more accurately discovered. When it was discovered is difficult. Different cultures stumbled across it at different times independently of each other. The approximate dates that foundational civilizations discovered the concept of zero are listed below:Mesopotamia - ca. 2000 BCEIndia - 4th century BCEChina - 4th century BCEArabia - 500 CEGreece - possibly as early as the 4th century BCE, but at least by 130 CERome - 525 CE (Dionysius Exiguus referred in his writings to zero as nulla)Olmecs - between 1500 and 400 BCE (they passed this on to subsequent cultures such as the Mayans)

Who invented number zero?

R.A Bhatta invented the number zero