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Sir Isaac newton discovered gravity in 1650, when an apple fell on his head.

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Q: What was the date that sir Isaac newton found gravity?
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What date did Isaac Newton invent gravity?

He needed gravity because he had ideas about motion. He believed gravity caused planets to revolve around the sun instead of flying off into space.

What date is Isaac Newton died?

Sir Isaac Newton lived from 25th December 1642 to 20th March 1727.

What was the date of Isaac Newton's discovery about the law of gravity?

It was in his work on classical mechanics (Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica), which was published on July 5th, 1687.

What date did Isaac Newton invented the reflecting telescope?

1668, according to Alfred Rupert Hall, in his book Isaac Newton: adventurer in thought.

What date did newton find out about gravity?


What is Isaac Newton's birth date?

The 4th of January 1643.

When was the newton meter invented?

The exact date of the Newton Meter is unknown, but it was in the mid 1600's. Sir Isaac Newton was the founder of the Newton Meter.

What date did Isaac Newton sit under the apple tree?

its eistein

What date did sir Isaac newton die on?

march 20, 17 somthing

When date did Isaac Newton die?

31 of march in 1727

When did Isaac Newton come up with the theory of gravity?

There was no exact date. 5th of July 1687 was the sharpest date, which was the date of publishing of the "Principia". If you type into Google Principa Mathematica this is the calculus that he formulated to solve the mystery of gravity. I know it was in the 1600's but cannot remember the exact date. Olly

When was sir Isaac newton DOB?

Sir Isaac Newton was born on January 04/1643 using the Gregorian year calendar date, or December 25/1642 using the O.S. Julian calendar.

What date did Issac Newton discover gravity?

i grabbed balls n threw them

Sir Isaac Newtons Date of birth?

Issac Newton was born on christmas day in 1642

What was the date when Issac newton discovered gravity?

on 1665

When was newtons parents born?

Newton's mother, Hannah Ayscough, was born in 1623 and his father Isaac Newton Senior's birth date is unknown and still a mystery.

What year was Isaac Newton born in?

According to, Isaac Newton was born on January 4, 1643. However, another calendar was also in use when Newton was born that recorded his birthdate as December 25, 1642. Which date was used depended on what region of Europe one was located in and which calendar was in use in that region.

What was isaac newton's death date?

He died March 20, 1727.The death was last recorded in 2012 lol

When did sir isaac newton have a nervous breakdown?

In 1679 after suffering numerous tragedies involving his mother and children. The exact date i don't know

When was isaac newton born and what is special about this date?

No-one really knows because the country at the time didn't have the new calendar till after he was born.

What is the date of Isaac Asimov death?

The date of Isaac Asimov's death was April 6th 1992.

How did Isaac newton senior die?

Not much is known about Isaac Newton Senior, except that he was a farmer from Lincolnshire, he married Hannah Ayscough in April 1642, he died later that year in October and was buried at Colsterworth next to his wife. His date of birth is unknown.

Did Isaac Newton predict end of world for 2034?

In some accounts, that date is correct, and for others Isaac Newton predicted the date of A.D. 2060. Newton, however, should not be considered a conventional "christian" of his day, for he spent considerable time in occult studies and eschatology, disagreeing with key tenets of Christianity, such as Trinitarianism, Christ as God in the flesh, nor a belief in devils or demons, or the existence of an immortal soul. Interesting has his prophecies may be, they cannot be relied upon as sourcing for orthodox Christian prophetic interpretations.

Who made the Newton law?

It was Isaac Newton, hence the name for the laws. He was called by most physicists the father of physics, but besides a scientist he was a very religious man, he studied the bible trying to find a dooms day date.

What date was Sir Isaac Newton born?

Decmber 25,1642 NOTE: At this time England had not adopted the new calendar so his birth day was recorded as the Xmas day of 1642