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Q: What was the experimental method used to determine the GFP three-dimensional structure?
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What is a research method that allows you to determine cause and effect?

An experimental research method allows you to determine cause and effect by manipulating an independent variable to observe its effect on a dependent variable while controlling for potential confounding variables. Random assignment of participants to different conditions is a key feature of experimental designs.

We used a formal method of study with control and experimental groups to determine whether plants grew faster or slower when exposed to infrared light. what is the student describing?

Using the scientific method

Which data collection method is not subject to non response bias?

experimental method

Scientists can determine the age of a substance using a method that compares the amounts of different forms of carbon atoms present in the substance Is this method more useful for organic substances?

The structure

What analysis methods cannot be applied to experimental research?

which analysis method cannot be applied to experimental research

A Research method that can establish a causal link is?


What advantage does the experimental method have over non-experimental methods of research?

The experimental method allows researchers to establish cause-and-effect relationships by manipulating variables and controlling for confounding factors. This method provides more control over the research setting, increasing internal validity compared to non-experimental methods.

What is the research method in which the investigator manipulates a variable under carefully controlled conditions?

Experimental Method

Why is the correlational method even considered if the experimental method is the only research method that identifies cause and effect?

While the experimental method is ideal for determining cause and effect, the correlational method is still valuable for studying relationships between variables when it's not feasible or ethical to manipulate them. Correlational studies can provide useful information about associations between variables and generate hypotheses for further experimental research.

What is the casual-comparative research method?

Casual-comparative research method is a type of research design that involves examining the relationship between variables without manipulating them. It aims to determine if there is a cause-and-effect relationship between the variables being studied. This method is also known as quasi-experimental research.

What are the basic steps of the experimental method of investigation?

what are the basic steps of the experemented

What is experimental method?

Experimental method is a scientific research method where researchers manipulate one or more variables to study their effect on another variable. It allows for establishing cause-and-effect relationships by controlling for potential confounding factors. The experimental method is often used in psychology, biology, and other scientific disciplines to test hypotheses and make conclusions based on empirical evidence.