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Stings with four factor that make 840

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Q: What was the factor strings up to six of 840?
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How do you tune a six string ukulele?

It depends on where the six strings are. If they are all equally spaced, it is essentially a guitar or a taro patch. If the top and bottom strings are doubled up, you have a high and a low G and a high and a low A.

What is the most number of strings you can have on a bass guitar?

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5, 42, 4 5,6,7,4 12,35,2 35,3,4 21,4,10 look up the rest answer by Elizabeth Mai Pham

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Does a 12 string acoustic guitar require different strings or are the usual six doubled up?

Only the 2 higher pitched strings are doubled, (high E, B). The first string of the lower pitched strings are normal, with the double string being a lighter gauge to facilitate an octave higher tuning. This method repeats itself for the Low E, A, D, & G strings.

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Wind the strings on the inside of the tuning posts so that the strings look like a flower coming up through the center of the peghead from the nut.