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That would be an Abacus.
Depends if you mean the electronic calculator or not? Before we had calculators we had slide rulers. In 1632, the circular and rectangular sliderule was invented by W. Oughtred. William Seward Burroughs invented the first practical adding and listing machine. Burroughs submitted a patent application in 1885 for his 'Calculating Machine' and the patent was awarded in 1888.

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Q: What was the first calculator called?
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Was the first calculator called blaise pascal?

No, it wasn't. The first calculator was called the pascaline.

What is the first pocket calculator?

The first pocket calculator is called theCurta. More:The inventors name is Clif Stoll.

Who invented the first automatic calculator?

The inventor of the first automatic calculator was Wilhelm Schickard. The calculator was called the calculating clock and was invented in 1623.

Was the first calculator called Harvard mark?


When did the computer was first made?

That was a computer called ENIAC,but first machine was a calculator.

What was the first calculator invented called?

If you mean electronically, then it would still be called a calculator. But, before that, people used the abacus, which had lots of sliding thingies and such.

Chinese invention of the first manual calculator?

The Chinese invention that was the first calculator was called an abacus. It was invented sometime between 2700 and 2300 BC.

What is the name of the first manual calculator?

i am used to count some call this a manual calculator it's also called abacus

Where was the calculator first launched?

The first calculator was never launched, because it was in fact a mechanical calculator.

What is a magnetic drum calculator?

The magnetic drum calculator was the first general purpose computer developed in 1953. It is also called The IBM 650.

What was the very first calculator used?

The very first calculator ever used could be an abicus, an electronic calculator, or even your brain. The first calculator invented was the abacus.

What mathematician made the first calculator and where was the first calculator made?

Blaise Pascal

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