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Americans generate 251.3 million tons of garbage per year.

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Q: What weighs 251.3 million tons?
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What weighs 600 million tons?

The Great Pyramid Of Egypt It Weighs 600 million tons

What weighs 6.6 million tons?

hoover dam weighs 6.6 million pounds

What weighs about 85.5 million tons?

Each year, the United States used 85.5 million tons of paper

How heavy is the pyramid of Giza?

it weighs about 6.4 million tons

What weighs six million tons?

That would be 13 elephants

What animal weighs one million tons?

There are no such animals nowdays

What weighs 40 tons?

40 tons!!! It is estimated that 1.1 million dollars would weigh 1.1 tons. So 40 million dollars or thereabouts!

What weighs 70 million tons?

Not easy to answer. The Golden Gate bridge weighs under 900,000 tons, the Hoover Dam weighs 6.6 million tons. The Grand Coulee Dam weighs about one-third of 70 million tons.By my own calculations, a cube of solid concrete which is one thousand feet long, one thousand feet wide and one thousand feet high, would weigh around 70 million tons.

What weighs about 30 million tons?

well, part of the earth, like a country.

How much does 88 million quarters weigh?

88 million quarters weighs 1,100,018.51 pounds or 550 tons.

How much does the pyramid of giza weigh?

The great pyramid weighs about 6 million tons

What weighs 28 million tons?

The total amout of potato chips Americans eat on Super Bowl Sunday each year equals 28 million tons.

What weighs about 220 million tons?

Nothing can weigh 220 million tons because a ton is a measure of mass, not weight. That is like asking what weighs 220 metres! Weight would be measured in Newtons or kilo/mega/giga newtons.

How much does the great pyramid weigh?

The great pyramid weighs a staggering 6.5 million tons!

What weighs 200 tons?

The Sphinx in Egypt weighs about 200 tons.

How much does the Great Pyramid of Giza weigh?

It weighs alot but to be exact 5.9 million tonnes ----- It is estimated at 6.5 million tons.

A manatee weighs 1200lbs what is the fraction of its weight in tons?

It weighs 0.60 tons.

What weighs 5 tons?

The Big Ben mechanism weighs 5 tons.

What is the roman numeral for 2513?

Is: MMDXIII = 2513

What is the difference between Million metric tons to million tons?

One million tonnes (metric tons) is equivalent to 1.023 million short tons or 0.984 million long tons.

How many tons in 5.7 million tons?

It is 5.7 million tons

What is something that weighs 10,000 tons?

The southern elephant seal weighs about 10,000 tons

What weighs 300 tons?

There aren't any animals that weigh 300 tons. A hippopotamus weighs about four tons. One ton weighs about 2,000 pounds.

What is the percentage of 33 million tons?

33 million tons is 1 percent of 3300 million tons.

How much is 2 million metric tons?

That depends on the cost per pound. It weighs 4,409,240,000 pounds. (rounded)