What weighs less than a feather?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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air, a cookie crumb or a fruit fly

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Q: What weighs less than a feather?
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What weighs less than a feather but is impossible to hold for longer than ten minutes?

Your breath?

What shouldn't people who live in glass houses throw?

they shouldn't throw anything except something that weighs less than a feather

What is lighter than a feather but weighs more than you?

Air / Gas

Which material is denser feather or iron plate?

Iron is much denser than a feather. Yet, a particular sample of feathers weighs more than a sample of iron.

What weighs less a kilogram or gram?

A gram weighs less than a kilogram.

What is hard as rock but light as a feather?

well a feather is about one gram, and a diamond is just as hard as a rock and typically weighs less than a gram. A one gram-diamond is five carats, and there are definitely 1/4 carat diamonds and even smaller. So, the answer is a diamond

Was the heart left in a mummies body?

Yup because the person needs it when it is weighed with the feather. If the heart weighs more than the feather then your soul gets devoured by a god.

What weighs less than a positive number less than one millionth?


Why does a stone fall faster than a feather?

The difference is in the air resistance. Without air resistance, both will accelerate at the same rate. If there is air, in the case of the stone the ratio of surface area / weight is less than that of a feather. As a result, the stone will slow down less than the feather, and fall faster.

Why does an empty gas cylinder weighs less than a filled one?

An empty gas container actually weighs less than a full container.

Does a muscular person weigh more or less in water?

You haven't said "more or less" than what. He weighs more than a beach ball and less than a manatee. Everybody weighs less in water than they do out of it. But every person weighs more than some other people and less that some other other people, whether any of them are in or out of the water.

What weighs more beer can or beer tab?

An empty aluminum beer can weighs 15g. The tab weighs less than one gram. So in conclusion, 15g > less than 1g.