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Ten trillion pounds of matter.

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Q: What weighs more a trillion pounds of pennies or a trillion pounds of gold?
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What weighs more 100 pounds of gold or 100 pounds of feathers?

They weigh the same they are both 100 pounds....

What does a gallon weigh?

That depends on what's in it. If it's a gallon of water, it weighs about 8.4 pounds. If it's a gallon of gold, it weighs about 159 pounds. If it's an empty gallon, it weighs nothing.

What does a gallon weight?

It depends what's in the gallon. If the gallon is empty, it weighs zero. If it has air in it, it weighs a little bit. If it's full of water, it weighs about 8.4 pounds. If it's full of gold, it weighs about 160 pounds.

How many pounds in 2.4 cubic foot?

That completely depends on what substance is in the cubic feet. If the volume is empty, then it weighs zero pounds. If it's full of water, then it weighs roughly 150 pounds. If it's 2.4 cubic feet of gold, then it weighs about 2,865 pounds.

Gold has a specific gravity of almost 20 A five-gallon pail of water weighs about 40 pounds how much would a five-gallon pail of gold weighs?

20 times 40 equals 800 pounds

How much does aluminum weigh per cubic foot?

A cubic foot of aluminum weighs 168. 48 pounds. For comparison, a cubic foot of gold weighs 1,206. 83 pounds, a cubic foot of iron weighs 491. 09 pounds, and a cubic foot of lead weighs in at 707. 96 pounds.

1 gallon how many pounds?

That depends on what's in the gallon. -- 1 gallon of air weighs about 0.02 pound. -- 1 gallon of water weighs about 8.4 pounds. -- 1 gallon of gold weighs about 160 pounds. -- If the gallon is empty, then it has no weight at all ... zero pounds.

Which weighs more a ton of bricks or a ton of gold?

A ton of anything weighs the same as a ton of anything else....2,000 pounds

How many cubic foot makes a pound?

That depends on what's in the cubic foot. If it's air, then it weighs only a fraction of a single pound. If it's water, then it weighs about 62 pounds. If it's stones or gold, then it weighs several hundred pounds. If the cubic foot is empty, then it weighs no pounds at all.

What English currency did they use in 1586?

Pounds, Shillings and Pennies, mostly sterling silver or gold coins, (no paper money).

Hom much does 1 cubic foot of gold weigh?

It weighs 1,204 pounds but only if it is pure 24 Karat Gold.

Does a penny have gold?

No, pennies do not contain gold. Modern pennies are mostly zinc with a little copper, older pennies are mostly copper with a little zinc.

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