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1,1,2,3,4,5,13,17,19,23,25,27,the fibonacci sequence all three

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Q: What were Fibonacci's contributions to math?
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When was The Fibonaccis created?

The Fibonaccis was created in 1981.

When did The Fibonaccis end?

The Fibonaccis ended in 1988.

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hittes math

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What was anders celsius contributions to math?

no i can not answer it

What were michelangelo's contributions to math?

He was only interested in art so he had nothing to do with math.

What is the relevance of Einstein's contributions to math today?

Einstein does gave a great contribution to math and i believe that this contributions made people change their look in the world, .

What were John B Watsons contributions to psychology?

his contributions were helping people with their math homework!

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What contributions did Bhaskaracharya have on math?

zero was discovered by him

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What contributions did this mathematician give to math?


Who was the Greek founder of math?

There is no "founder" of math. However, there were many people who made important contributions.

What contributions did Galileo do for math?

he contributed his discoveries of physics

Galileo's contributions to math?

He was an ugly, old bastard!!!!!

What were the contributions in ancient Greece?

math, science and philosophy

What were Marjorie lee Browne's major contributions in math?


What are some contributions that the Muslims gave us in math?

Some contributions that Muslims gave us in Math are that they invented Algebra and borrowed the symbols 0-9 from the Hindu's, which are known as Arabic numerals. We us both of these contributions and we thank the Muslims for them.

What was pappus major contribution to math?

His contributions to projective geometry.

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# architecture # language # math # money

Pictures of filipino composers and their contributions?

math is my favorite subject.

Sir Isaac Newton's contributions in math?

He did corrdinate geometry

What were hypatias contributions to math?

None of Hypatia's works survived.

What philosophers have made contributions to math and what were the contributions?

Many philosophers have made contributions, such as Pythagoras, who made the Pythagorean theory, which is talking about angles such as a right angle and making that into an equation.

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