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This isn't even math-

But it varied, from first stone, then copper, iron, steel, etc

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Q: What were ancient axes made of?
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What weapons did ancient Romans use?


Did blacksmiths make axes?

Yes, blacksmiths made several types of axes ranging from hatchets to duel bladed axes.

Did the ancient Greeks use axes or bow and arrows?

bows and arrows

What ancient structure was known as the house of the double axes?

The Pace of Knossis

What were the ancient tools and weapons?

Hand axes, sharpened stones and cutting tools were the tools and weapons of ancient man.

Did the ancient Egyptians make battle axes?

yes the aceries were the first to make them

What products are made in Poland?

axes and honey

What is a medieval biller?

A medieval biller made axes.

What weapons were used in ancient Greece?

They used spears and short swords and one daggerThey also used naggersswords, bows, axes, mostly made out of bronze back then

What are axes picks and hammers made out of?

Most of these are made out of steel and have wood handles.

Weapons used by ancient incas?

Some weapons that the ancient Incas used were slings and spears. They also used axes and bows and arrows.

What weapons did the ancient Egyptian used?

The Ancient Egyptians used axes, maces, composite bows, curved swords, daggers, and war chariots in their warfare.

What farming tools did they use in ancient India?

they used stones tools,axes,and all kinds of stufff

What are axes made of?

Wooden handles and hardened steel axe head.

What technology did the Paleolithic people have?

they made hand axes and hunted with spears

What technology did ancient Babylon have?

the technology: spears shields horse chariots knifes/eating utensils axes ropes

How can you use axes in a sentence?

The axes

Who made a axe?

Lots of people have made axes over the years, too many to name here,

What is the plural for axes?

Axes is already plural !

When was the axe made?

Stone age men made the first axes at least 2.5 million years ago.

What do aviators call the three axes?

Well the three axes for an airplane are known as the vertical axes (which governs the yaw of the plane), the Longitudinal axes (govenrs the roll of the plane), at the lateral axes (govenrs the pitch)

What were some tools made by early humans?

Stone axes, stone arrrow heads.

What metal are bike axes made out of and why?

Steel. Strong, durable, able to withstand impacts.

What kinds of tools are used for exploring caves?

Axes, pick axes and lots nore kinds of axes!

What is the ancient discus made from?

The ancient discus was made from Greece