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some important crops were wheat, Barley, indigo, oats, and corn

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Q: What were some important crops in the New York colony?
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What are some important crops in the Pennsylvania colony?

Hemp and Tobacco which could bring in cash.

What were some of the responsibilities of colonial farmers in the New York colony?

they had hunt, grow enough crops for their families

What crops were grown in the Plymouth Colony?

Some crops that were grown in the Plymouth Colony were corn, beans, and wheat. They also grew oats, peas, and turnips.

What are some important crops of the southeast?

Well some important crops in the southeast are oranges,rice ,and peanuts .

What were some important landforms in the Middle Colonies?

some important landforms were the Delaware river and the Hudson river, named for Henry Hudson the founder of the New York colony.

What were some chores in the delaware colony?

Watering crops, sewing, and cooking.

What were some crops made in the colony of Virginia?

Tobacco was the staple crop of the Colony of Virginia. It was introduced by John Rolfe in 1612.

What were some hardships in the new york colony?


What did the colony of New Jersey trade and do for money?

they got to grow some wheat and crops

Who were the major leaders in colonial new york?

Peter Minuit was an important leader in colonial New York. Peter Stuyvesant and Thomas Dongan were some of the other major leaders in the colony.

What is some differences between the new york colony and the new york now?

Well, the colony of New York didn't have technology, paved roads, cars, skyscrapers, you get the point.

What are some organization in the New York colony?

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Who were some of the key people in the establishment of the colony of New York?

the duke of york was the person who founded new York

What were some other important crops in the south?


What were some important crops in the south?

cotton was the biggest

What are some events in the new york colony?

the dutch settlers arrived in New York in 1624.

What are some reasons for the Jamestown's colony near failure?

The primary reason for the near failure of the Jamestown colony was its inability to grow crops and deal with diseases.The British crown stepped in to assist the colony.

What were some important things that happened in Maryland when it was a colony?

it became the seventh colony to join the united states

What important documents originated in each of the 13 colonies?

some colonies: -plymouth colony- mayflower compact -massachusets bay colony- an important covenant

What were some laws the new york colony had?

One law that the New York colony had was that slaves could not be mistreated. Another law in this area was that a slave had to have his masters consent in order to be traded.

Which of the following crops was most important to the Southern economy in the mid-1800s?

Your question says "which of the following crops", but does not include a list, following. Some crops that were very important at that time were cotton, peanuts, and tobacco.

Which grove place the first European colony in what is now New York?

There is some strange English in your question, but New York started out as New Amsterdam, a colony and trading post established by the Dutch.

What were some geographic features of the New York colony?

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What were some major social and economic characteristics of the royal colony of New York?


What are some important landforms and bodies of water in the colony of Pennsylvania?