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The Germans had a chance to cripple the British army in Belgium but let them gain a moral victory (albeit a costly material one) by escaping. After that all the western battles were rather indecisive. D Day (Normandy) was a big major battle although rather anticlimatic in retrospect since the war winning/loosing battles had long since been fought at Moscow '41, Stalingrad and Egypt '42, and Kursk '43. Certainly the battle at Remagen Bridge was not critical since a crossing of the Rhine would have occurred regardless. The Battle of the Bulge made a lot of press but had no chance of success without air support. The entire partisan movement in Western Europe has been exaggerated since the war. The eastern partisan movement was much more significant - both the Soviet and Tito led forces were very important. You could argue that the entire Pacific was was incidental since Japan had zero chance of victory without Germany winning her war. None of the above items can be considered 'insignificant', but IMO they have been promoted beyond their historical importance by a slanted western press.

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Q: What were some insignificant events in World War 2?
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