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Axis and Allies

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Q: What were the 2 powers of World War II?
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Who are the three powers the US fought in World War 2?

The three powers that the US fought against during World War II were Germany, Japan, and Italy

Which countries were on the Axis Powers duing World War 2?

The countries that were included in the Axis Powers, during the time that World War II was taking place, were Germany, Italy, and Japan.

When were the three Allied powers in World War 2 formed?

The three main allied powers during World War II were the Soviet Union, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Were the allied powers in World War 2?

Yes. The Allied Forces were from World War 1. The Allied Powers were from World War 2.

How many Axis powers were in World War 2?

10 axis powers were during world war 2 10 axis powers were during world war 2 10 axis powers were during world war 2 I believe there were six axis powers in the world war 2... I found it out of my younger brother's History Book from his school

Which nation won World War 2?

The United States, United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, and the remaining Allied Powers won World War II.

Did Stalin fight for the allied powers during World War 2?

Yes, Stalin/USSR fought on the side of the allied powers in WW II

What powers were in World War 2?

The Allied Powers, Axis powers, and the Neutral Powers

How did the allied powers defeat the central powers in world war 1?

They did not. Axis and Allied powers were only in World War 2

What are the powers called in World War 2?

Axis Powers / Allied Powers .

Who became world powers after World War 2?

After World War 2, the United States of America and the Soviet Union became the dominant world powers.

Was Japan an ally of Germany in the World War 2?

Yes, Japan was an ally of Germany in World War II. Along with Italy, the three nations were known as the Axis Powers.

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