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The greatest achievements during the 1700s were the preparation and beginning battles for independence from Britain. Nowhere in the colonies was the patriotism and the refusal to be subjugated stronger than in the New England colonies. The most important events prior to the war took place in New England. The Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre, both took place in the New England colonies. The important beginning battles of the American Revolutionary War in Lexington and Concord also took place in the New England colonies.

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Q: What were the great accomplishments of The New England Colonies in the 1700's?
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What were the series of religious revivals that swept through the British colonies in the mid-1700s?

the great awakening

What was the Religious revival movement that swept through colonies in 1700s?

The Great Awkening.

One export from british colonies to great Britain during the 1700s?

Tobacco, cotton

What was the Great Awakening of the mid-1700s?

A religious movement in the colonies that encouraged a personal experience with God through a dramatic and emotional preaching style.

Did Great Britain rule the colonists in the 1700'S?

=Great Britain almost entirely ruled the colonies in the 1700s.=

Flood of settlers from England to the new England colonies?

Great Migration...

How many colonies were established by England in North America?

England, or Great Britain rather, established thirteen colonies.

Who did the US gain independence from in the late 1700s?

In 1776, the American Colonies delcared their independence from Great Britain.

The great awakening of the mid 1700s affected the british colonies by?

encouraging greater religious enthusiasm and political independence.

Were rice and tabacco shipped to england from Southern Colonies?

Rice and tobacco was shipped to England from Southern Colonies. This was discover by Great Britain.

What nation required colonies to trade only with England?

Great Britain (aka: England)

The Great Awakening of the mid-1700s affected the British colonies by?

Encouraging greater religious enthusiasm and political independence.

Which of the New England colonies sent fur to England so England could pay off their many debts?

England is great

What was the geographic location of the first great awakening?

Started in the New England colonies and spread to the rest of the colonies.

What was one source of income in the New England colonies?

Great Britian

The US colonies belonged to this mother country?


Colonies disagree with England over what issue?

The colonies disagreement was not with England, it was with all of Great Britain. They disagreed over two things. These items were taxes and trade.

What type of farming was practiced in the New England colonies?

The type of farming practiced in the New England colonies was subsistence farming. New England colonies used this method because their thin, rocky soil prevented them from planting great crops.

Was America ever owned by England?

Yes. The Thirteen Colonies or British America (now New England) were colonies of Great Britain until American Independence in 1776.

What colonial governments were similar to Great Britain's except the colonies?

the queen of england

Why was education so important to the New England colonies?

So they can have an great education

New England preacher who led Great Awakening in colonies?

Jonathan Edwards

Who was the king of England when Great Britain ruled the colonies?

King George THE 2

What country controlled the colonies?

England or great Britain controlled the colonies back then before the united states gained their independence

Why did trade and manufacturing grow fastest in the New England colonies?

They grew fastest in the England colonies because of the land. The trees they had along the coast was great for ships. They had materials, and trading lanes.