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fish, beaver fur, skins, wheat, lumber, water

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Q: What were the natural resources for the New England Colonies of North America in 1680s-1730?
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How would colonies help england make money?

America had the resources that England needed to make money.

Why were Spain France and England in North America?

All were in North America to establish colonies and collect resources.

Why did the English want to start colonies in north America?

To provide the wealth and resources for England.

What were the human resources for the new England colonies of north America in 1680s-1730?

books and ex;

Why did England want to be establish colonies in North America?

Colonies meant power and getting resources from the colonists that weren't available in the mother country.

Why did England Spain and other European countries want colonies in North America?

England, Spain, and other European countries wanted colonies in North America becuase they hoped to find gold and rich natural resources.

Does England have colonies in north America?

No, England DID have colonies in North America. Then there was that little fireworks show, and now there is the US.

What capital resources did New England colonies?


How many colonies did England have in America?

they had 13 colonies

How did New England colonies make a living?

what did new England colonies do for a living?they sold their valuable natural resources.

What valuable resources did the New England colonies have?


What colonies competed for colonization in America?

The New England colonies, the Middle colonies and the Southern colonies.

Why did England wait until the 1600 to establish permanent colonies in America?

Why did england wait until the 1600 to establish permanent colonies in America?

What did England want to establish in America?


What cleared the way for England to start colonies in North America?

The defeat of the Spanish Armada cleared the way for England to start colonies in North America.

How big was the New England Colonies of British America?

The New England Colonies of British America initially consisted of thirteen colonies that were located on the Atlantic seaboard. BY 1700, the British colonies had exceeded 91,000 people.

How did the american colonies fit into the mercantilism system?

England required the colonies to supply England with natural resources and raw materials and buy finished products from England.

How did rabbits get to America?

they were from England and later were shipped to America with the English colonies

How many colonies were established by England in North America?

England, or Great Britain rather, established thirteen colonies.

What are the three groups of colonies in America?

The three groups of colonies in America were New England, the Middle Colonies, and the Southern Colonies. The groups had economic and geographic characteristics.

How did the colonies depend on England?

Initially, the colonies depended on England for protection and resources. Later, this dependency let to the hostility that encouraged the American Revolution.

The British government expected the colonies in america to harvest valuable resources and ship them back to England?

Yes, the British government did expect the American colonies to harvest valuable resources and ship them back to England. This is because England considered the colonies as their own. They also felt the colonials looked upon England as their sovereign. Along with taxation without representation and British tyranny, the colonials believed the only way to independence was via rebellion and war.

What are the charter colonies?

Charter colonies (referring to the USA) were colonies funded by the king of England to travel to North America and begin settlements. These settlements were established to find resources and trade routes. As far as specific charter colonies...the first was Jamestown in the United States.

Which system did England use the American colonies to supply its need for resources?

The Mercantile System used American colonies to supply England's needs for resources.

Who was the president of the 13 colonies?

In Colonial America, there was not actual president. The colonies were under the control of England. Therefore, there leader of the colonies was the king or queen of England.