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The amount of Natural Resources in the
New England colonies is extremely
high. There is a large variety of seafood,
including fish, lobster and whales. The
seafood is obtained by the many bodies
of water in New England. There are
also wild deer and hogs for food. There
are many forests. There are maple trees
in the forests which provide wood and
sap for syrup. There is even lots of granite.
The New England colonies were plentiful in fish and other sea animals becaust they were by deep harbors which is another natural resource. The final big natural resource would be timber for shipbuliding.

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Q: What were the natural resources in the New England colonies?
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How did New England colonies make a living?

what did new England colonies do for a living?they sold their valuable natural resources.

What natural resources helped to create jobs in new England and middle colonies?

the lumber

What were major natural resources in the New England Colonies?

coal, dogs'hot food' french people

What types of businesses did the New England Colonies have?

the new England colonies had logging, fishing and other things that depended on the natural resources.

Was Rhode Island more similar to other colonies in New England or to those in the middle colonies?

Rhode Island was more similar to the New England colonies. It was founded in 1636 and had fish and forests as natural resources.

What natural resources was the New England economy based?

TThe New England colonies were based on Furs, Timber, Ships, and fish. there were many things

What were the human resources in the new England colonies?

There weren't very many human resources in the New England colonies. The main natural resources were whales, fish, trees, and furs. The human resources were therefore fishermen, whalers, lumberjacks, hunters, and although the land was not ideal for farming, there were some farmers.

What capital resources did New England colonies?


What types of natural resources were found in the New England colonies?

Flour,Corn,Fish,birds,and Fresh Water

What valuable resources did the New England colonies have?


What are some of the natural resources in New England?

Its natural resources were timber, fish, and deep harbors.

Which of these was a product from the natural resources of New England?


What was a product from the natural resources of New England?


What are the differences between the chesapeake middle colonies and New England?

The New England colonies were created by Puritans escaping religious persecution in England. The Chesapeake colonies were primarily created by companies interested in profiting from the natural resources of the New World.Compared to New England, Chesapeake society -. possessed fewer ... that bears his name? to abolish slavery and make Virginia a more democratic society.

What are the human resources in New England colonies?

fishing, lumbering, farming

What were the natural resources for the New England Colonies of North America in 1680s-1730?

fish, beaver fur, skins, wheat, lumber, water

Why did endland expand the colonies it established in the new world?

England wanted to add to its empire, control more natural resources, and expand its mercantilism economy.

What were the natural resources of New England?

the world will never know

How did New England's natural resources help its commerce?

New England Colonies/ NY, NJ, PA, and Delaware were usually fishing villages or farming communities along the more fertile land along the rivers. While the rocky soil in the New England Colonies was not as fertile as the Middle or Southern Colonies, the land provided rich resources including timber that was valued for building of homes and ships.

What was the most abundant natural resource in the New England Colonies?


On what natural resources was the new England economy based?

The new england economy is based on products from the forest and the sea

What are the natural resources of the New England states?

Wood, water, something.

What natural resources of New England helped the puritans to survive?


What natural resources in New England help its commerce?

by joining the vikings

What natural resources were the New England colony based on?

Lumber and fish