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Q: What were three significant accomplishment of the Mauryan rulers?
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How many capital cities were there in mauryan empire?

There were three capital cities.

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Three significant accomplishment of the mauryan rulers?

A giant empire was created in the Indian Subcontinent, which become enormously wealthy through trade. After the Mauryan Empire, India was the largest economy on earth and controlled 33.4% of the world's wealth, and would continue to do so for another 1,100 years. Although the empire started out through wars and conquest, during Ashoka's rule peace was so abundant that there was no standing army in India other than civil police. Advancements in numerous fields of study should also be noted. The Mauryan Empire was the kingdom of Magadha, which was founded by Chandragupta. It stretched all the way until it was almost the entire subcontinent. His children, Bindusara and Ashoka helped expand the Empire. -From Mahir Ali :P

Why was the picture made of three lion capital of mauryan empire?

bad mein aana

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