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Q: What were three successes and three failures of slavery?
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Successes and failures?

Successes and failures are considered to be part of development. In most cases, there will a number of failures before success is achieved.

What are the successes of slavery?

the successes of slavery are ...... i dont know why dint yiu tell me !

What were georges iii's successes and failures?

he died.

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What were George's III successes and failures?

he died.

What where the successes and the failures of the Colony of Plymouth?

Michael Jackson!

What are some of christopher columbus' successes and failures?

It wasnt

What failures and successes did William Cullen made inventing the refrigerator?


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Peter Lenzini

Did drake have failures?

yes because every one fails and successes.

What is number of successes compared to the number of failures called?

The odds in favour.

What were some of the successes and failures of Thomas Jefferson's presidency?

mostly, he had some accomplishments and some failures.