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The top-heavy fraction 16/13 is not equal to a whole number. Expressed as a decimal, it is equal to 1.230769 recurring (that is, 1.230769230769...)

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Q: What whole number is equal to 16 over 13?
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What is -13 over a whole number?

If the whole number is one of {-13, -1, 1, 13} then the answer is a whole number. Otherwise it is a rational fraction.

How do you write 13 over 12 as a whole number?

13/12 is not a whole number and so you cannot write it as a whole number.

What is -13 as an integer over a whole number?


What 2 whole numbers equal 13 when multiplied?

13 is a prime number, so the only 2 whole numbers that multiply to 13 are 13 and 1.

What is a whole number denominator?

If you have the number 13 the denoninator would be 1. So like 13 over 1

What is the whole number of 13 over 2 fifths?

13 / (2/5) in its simplest form, is an improper fraction and there is no way to express that as a whole number.

What is the whole or mixed number of 13 over 9?

It is: 13/9 = 1 and 4/9 as a mixed number

What is the whole or mixed number of 13 over 3?

The mixed number is 41/3

What is 11 over 8 as a whole or mixed number?


Which number is equal to 13?


What does the fraction 3 and 13 over 15 round to?

To the nearest whole number: 4

What two consecutive integers together equal 25?

An integer is a whole number. The two consecutive integers that equal 25 are 12 and 13.

What decimal is 13?

13 is a whole number.It is equal to 13.0 in decimal.

Is 13 a factor of 3927?

We can check if 13 is a factor of 3927 by dividing 3927 by 13 (this is because if 13 is a factor of 3927, that means that 13 can be multiplied by another whole number to equal 3927, or divided equally into 3927)3927 divided by 13=302.0769231Factors of a number are whole numbers, so 13 is not a factor of 3927, because we came up with a decimal number.

How do you turn 13.67 into a fraction?

the 13 is the whole number, the 67 is 67 hundredths, so it is 13 and 67 over 100

What is 13 over 5 as a mixed number?

Expressed as a mixed number, 13/5 is equal to 2 3/5 or two and three fifths.;]

How do you simplify 13 over 11?

1 and 2 over 11 (1 is the whole number and 2 over 11 is the fraction)

What dose 83 and 13 over 100 equal?

The mixed number of 83 and 13/100 equals 83.13 as a decimal

Is the number 13 a whole number?

yes it is.

How do you get a fraction from a mixed number?

You multiply the denominator by the whole number, then you add what you got from multiplying the denominator by the whole number by the numerator! An example:13/4 would equal 7/4 as a improper fraction!

How much of anything is 13 by 13?

Well 13/13 or 13 of 13 is equal to 1 whole. =I:3

What is the nearest whole number to 13.4?

It is 13

What is 13.49 nearest to the whole number?

It is 13 rounded to the nearest whole number

What odd numbers equal 13?

The number 13.

What is the whole number of 13.11?