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1 has only one factor.

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Q: What whole number less than 100 has the least factor?
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What whole number less than 100 has the least factors?

1 has 1 factor.

What number less than 50 has least number of factors?

1 has one factor.

What number has only three factors and they are all prime the number is less than 160?

No whole number has only three prime factors. At the very least, every number has one as a factor, which is not prime.

What number has an least common factor of 91?

None. The least common factor is defined only for two or more numbers: one number cannot have a LCF. In any case, the least factor of any number is 1. So 91 cannot be a least common factor of any number since 1 is a factor and 1 is less than 91.

What is the greatest common factor of two whole numbers less than or equal to 100?

That could be any whole number less than or equal to 100.

What is 7 over 12 as a mixed number?

7/12 cant be a mixed number because it is less than a whole and a mixed number is at least a whole or higher.

What is a whole number less than o?

There is no whole number less than zero.

When you multiply a whole number by a decimal less than one your answer will be?

... less than the whole number.

Is the product of a fraction less than one and a whole number less than or greater than the whole number?

It depends: If the whole number is positive then the result is less than the whole number, eg ½ × 2 = 1 < 2 If the whole number is negative then the result is greater than the whole number, eg ½ × -2 = -1 > -2

Which number is a factor of but not a multiple?

Any factor of the number less than the number itself.

Which whole number less than 100 has the fewest number of factors?

That would be 1. The only factor of 1 is 1. All other whole numbers have at least two factors. Prime numbers have exactly two factors, while composite numbers have more than two factors.

What is the greatest whole number factor that could be multiplied by 50 to get a product less than 10000?

First, let's determine how many times 50 will go into 10,000 because that number will be at the excluded limit for the greatest whole number factor. 10,000 ÷ 50 = 200. Therefore, the largest number will be 1 less, or 199. 50 x 199 = 9950.

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