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It will have the distance traveled in that hour added on, unless the care was going backwards. The time taken has nothing to do with odometer readings.

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Q: What will be the odometer at 36266 after the car has traveled an additional hour?
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What does an odometer mesure?

An odometer measures the miles per hour (mph).

How can you use speedometer and a clock to tell how far you've traveled in a car if the car's odometer is not working?

You multiply your average speed with the time for which you have been traveling (in hours). If you are traveling at 60 mph and you drive for one hour you have gone 60 miles.

A plane traveled 300kl in half an hour how far did it travel in a quarter of an hour?


What is the speed of an object after 1 hour who has traveled 10 kilometers?

10 kilometers per hour

Why is your odometer not working but your speedometer is?

The odometer is separate from the speedometer. The odometer counts how many miles you have driven total, while the speedometer shows how many miles you will travel in an hour if you maintain a given speed. You should immediately take you vehicle to a qualified service technician, and get the odometer fixed.

What does 760 miles per hour mean?

It means a distance of 760 miles is traveled every hour.

When a person drives for several hours how does the distance traveled in one hour usually compare with the distance traveled in hours?

The distance travelled in one hour is usually less than that travelled in hours!

You traveled 4km in half and hour how fast was you travelling?


What is Miles per hour to feet traveled ratio?

1 : 5,280

How much time is an additional hour?


What does mean unit mph for wind speed?

Mph stands for miles per hour; the distance traveled in an hour.

It is 3 o clock PM your car odometer reads 375 kilometers you drive at 80km per hour at 6 o clock PM what does the odometer read?

615 km

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