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There is no real number whose square root can be negative so there is no real solution. So mathematicians invented the imaginary number i with the property that i*i = -1

i is fundamental to complex numbers.

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Q: What will be the solution of root of -1?
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Why does it matter if the root is in a hypertonic or hypotonic solution?

If the root is in hypotonic solution then the root will remain turgid. If placed in a hypertonic solution then the root will become flaccid over time.

What is the difference between the root of an equation and the solution of an equation?

Root means solution in this context.

How do you get the solution to 6 divided by the square root of -10?


What is the solution of X squared - 2X - 2 equals 0?

1 +/- the square root of 3

What two numbers multiply to give you 30 but add to give you 7?

The two numbers are (1/2)(7 - i root(71)) and (1/2)(7 + i root(71)).Note that this problem has no solution in the real numbers, only the complex solution listed above.

What does root mean in mathmatical terms?

This has various related meanings. (1) A square root, cubic root, etc. (2) A solution to an equation. (3) The value for which an expression - for example, a polynomial - is equal to zero.

What is a root of an equation?

The solution of the equation.

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What is the cube root of 9261 with solution?

203 = 8000, so the first digit is 2, and the second digit must be 1 (because only 13 =1). So the cube root of 9261 is 21.

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No, because the ice cream is not dissolved in it. The root beer by itself, would be a true solution, though.

What are the values of a variable that make an equation true?

It is the solution; sometimes also called the root.

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