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It will increase it, as more of the outer surface of the solid is incontact with the liquid that it is dissolving in. :)

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Q: What will increasing the surface area of a solid do to the dissolving rate of that solid?
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How does breaking up a solid speed dissolving in a liquid?

By breaking up the solid, you are creating more surface area. Therefore, increasing the surface area will speed up dissolution.

Why do smaller particles dissolve fast?

Dissolving takes place at the surface of the solid, increasing the surface area allows more solvent to come into contact with more solid solute. Therefore, speed of the dissolving process increases.

How does crushing a cube of solute increase the rate of dissolving?

The rate of dissolution of a solid is dependent on the surface area reaction. By crushing the cube, the surface area is greatly increased, thus increasing the rate of dissolution.

What does increasing the surface area of a solid do?

Makes it bigger.

Does increasing the surface area of a solid decrease the rate of solution?


Why does crushing a solid increase the speed at which the solid dissolved?

The act of crushing a solid serves to increase the surface area that is exposed to the solvent. The greater the surface area, the faster will be the dissolving process.

Why does size affect a soluble solid from dissolving quicker?

Not usually size, its the surface area

What does increasing the surface area of a solid do to the solution?

When the surface area is higher, it helps to dissolve it in the solution faster.

Increasing the surface of a solid?

Make it rougher. Any deviation from a smooth sphere increases the surface area.

How does surface area of an object affect gravity?

increasing the surface area of reactants in a solid form the speed of reaction is increased the contact between the solid reactants or liquids and gas.

How does surface area affect the rate of a reaction?

The powdered solid has a greater surface area than the single lump of solid. So the larger the surface area of the solid, the faster the reaction will be. Increasing the surface area of the solid increases the chances of collision taking place between the molecules of reactants, if it is a reaction in liquid or gaseous phase.

Why does crushing a solid increase the speed at which the solid dissolves?

ALL reactions (apart from Nuclear) take place on the surface. By crushing the solid you are increasing the surface area and also the SA/Volume ratio. This increased surface area increases the area available for the dissolution reaction.

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